Faculty List

Regular Faculty

NameEmailAreas of Interest
Robert  Audi audi.1@nd.edu

Ethics, Political Philosophy, Epistemology, Religious Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind and Action.

Timothy Bays bays.5@nd.edu

Logic, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics 

Sara  Bernstein bernstein.13@nd.edu


Patricia  Blanchette blanchette.1@nd.edu

Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Language, Philosophy of Mathematics

Katherine Brading kbrading@nd.edu

Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science

Anjan Chakravartty chakravartty.1@nd.edu

Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics, Epistemology 

Therese  Cory tcory@nd.edu

Medieval Philosophy, Thomas Aquinas, Arabic-to-Latin Transmission, Philosophy of Mind and Cognition

Richard Cross richard.cross@nd.edu

Medieval Philosophy and Theology, History of Philosophical Theology

Brian  Cutter bcutter@nd.edu

Philosophy of Mind, Metaphysics

Cornelius  Delaney delaney.1@nd.edu

Pragmatism, Political Philosophy and Legal Philosophy, History of Modern Philosophy

Michael Detlefsen mdetlef1@nd.edu

Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics

Stephen Dumont sdumont@nd.edu

Medieval Philosophy

Thomas Flint flint.1@nd.edu

Philosophical Theology, Philosophy of Religion, Metaphysics

Curtis Franks cfranks@nd.edu

Philosophy of Mathematics and Logic

Don Howard dhoward1@nd.edu

Philosophy of Science, Foundations of Physics, History of Philosophy of Science, ethical, social, and policy impacts of science and technology

Alexander  Jech ajech@nd.edu

Moral philosophy, social and political philosophy, philosophical theology, action theory, Kierkegaard

Rev. John Jenkins president@nd.edu

Medieval Philosophy, especially Aquinas, Philosophical Theology, Aristotle.

Joseph Karbowski joseph.karbowski.1@nd.edu

Ancient philosophy (especially Aristotle), metaphysics, ethics 

Sean Kelsey skelsey@nd.edu

Ancient Philosophy

Janet Kourany jkourany@nd.edu

Philosophy of Science, Science and Values, Feminist Philosophy, Agnotology

Katharina  Kraus kkraus2@nd.edu

Kant, Philosophy of Pyschology

Samuel Newlands snewlands@nd.edu

Early Modern Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion

Daniel Nolan dnolan2@nd.edu

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science, Philosophical Logic and Metaethics

John O'Callaghan o'callaghan.1@nd.edu

Medieval Philosophy, Thomas Aquinas, Thomistic Metaphysics.

David O'Connor doconnor@nd.edu

Ancient Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Literature

Michael Rea Rea.3@nd.edu

Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion 

Blake Roeber Roeber.2@nd.edu

Epistemology, Language, Mind, Religion, Metaphysics, etc. (but mostly Epistemology)

Hannah Rubin hrubin@nd.edu

Philosophy of Biology, Evolutionary Game Theory, Philosophy of Science

Fred Rush Rush.12@nd.edu

History of eighteenth to twentieth-century European philosophy, Aesthetics & Philosophy of Art, Social and Political Philosophy 

Christopher Shields cjishields@nd.edu

Ancient Philosophy, Metaphysics



Kristin Shrader-Frechette kshrader@nd.edu

Philosophy of Science, Ethics, Quantitative Risk Assessment

Jeff Speaks jspeaks@nd.edu

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language

James P. Sterba sterba.1@nd.edu

Ethics, Political Philosophy, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Peace and Justice

Leopold  Stubenberg stubenberg.1@nd.edu

Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology

Meghan Sullivan sullivan.meghan@gmail.com

Metaphysics, Philosophical Logic, Philosophy of Religion

Nicholas  Teh teh.2@nd.edu

Philosophy of Physics, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science

Peter  van Inwagen vaninwagen.1@nd.edu

Metaphysics, Philosophical Theology

Ted Warfield warfield.3@nd.edu

Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Applied Ethics

Stephen Watson swatson@nd.edu

Contemporary Continental Thought, 19th Century Philosophy, Aesthetics

Paul  Weithman weithman.1@nd.edu

Contemporary Political Philosophy, Ethics, Medieval Political Philosophy

Concurrent Faculty

Name Email Title
Tarek Dika Tarek.Dika.1@nd.edu Assistant Professor, Program of Liberal Studies
John Finnis finnis.1@nd.edu

Biolchini Chair in Law, Law School

Stephen Gersh sgersh@nd.edu Professor, Medieval Institute
Vittorio Hösle hosle.1@nd.edu Paul G. Kimball Chair, German/Russian  Language and Literature
G. Felicitas Munzel munzel.1@nd.edu Professor, Program of Liberal Studies
Robert Norton norton.15@nd.edu Professor of German, Chair, Dept. of German and Russian  Language and Literature
Gretchen Reydams-Schils reydams-schils.1@nd.edu Professor, Program of Liberal Studies
Mark Roche mroche@nd.edu Rev. Edmund P. Joyce, C.S.C. Professor of German Language and Literature

Emeriti and Emerita Faculty

Name Email Areas of Interest
Karl Ameriks ameriks.2@nd.edu History of Modern Philosophy, Continental Philosophy
Sheila O'Flyn Brennan No email 

Continental, Existentialism

David Burrell, C.S.C burrell.1@nd.edu Philosophical Theology, Islamic Philosophy, Comparative Theology
Fred Dallmayr dallmayr.1@nd.edu  Political Theory
Michael DePaul depaul.1@nd.edu Ethics, Epistemology
Alfred Freddoso afreddos@nd.edu Metaphysics and Ethics in the Catholic Philosophical Tradition
Gary Gutting ggutting@nd.edu

Contemporary French Philosophy, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Religion

Lynn Joy ljoy@nd.edu Modern Philosophy, Ethics, Philosophy of Science
Michael Loux loux.1@nd.edu Ancient Philosophy, Metaphysics
Alasdair MacIntyre No email Moral Philosophy, Practical Rationality, Aristotle and Aquinas.
Edward Manier manier.1@nd.edu History and philosophy of biology and the neuromedical sciences; Social studies of science
Vaughn McKim mckim.1@nd.edu Philosophy of Social Science, Philosophy of Technology, Philosophy of Mind
Alvin Plantinga plantinga.1@nd.edu Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion
Ken Sayre ksayre@nd.edu Plato, Environmental Philosophy
David Solomon solomon.1@nd.edu

Ethical Theory, Medical Ethics