Blake Roeber

Blake Roeber


Assistant Professor of Philosophy

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Department of Philosophy
University of Notre Dame
100 Malloy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone:  (574) 631-7806



 Ph.D., Rutgers University

Areas of Interest

Epistemology, Language, Mind, Religion, Metaphysics, etc. (but mostly Epistemology)


I specialize in traditional epistemology, and I have further research interests in formal and social epistemology. My recent work has focused on the relationship between knowledge and rational action, the nature of belief, the value of knowledge, and related issues. I am also interested in the philosophy of language, the philosophy of mind, the philosophy of religion, metaphysics, and early modern philosophy. I completed my PhD at Rutgers, where I wrote my dissertation on pragmatic encroachment with Ernest Sosa (advisor), Alvin Goldman, Jason Stanley, and Jennifer Lackey (external member).  


NOTICE: The website (which is what you will get if you google my name) is not mine. In March, 2014, someone with an IP address in Japan purchased the domain name The content at changes regularly, but always resembles the content of my real website. Last time I looked, said I was the editorial manager of Rutgers [sic], then, for the first line on my CV, it had “Blake Roeber GUCCI! GUCCI! GUCCI! GUCCI!” Brilliant. …In any case, please see my real website (below) for my CV, some papers, and other tidbits, and please do not visit