Janet Kourany

Janet Kourany


Associate Professor of Philosophy
Concurrent Associate Professor of Gender Studies

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Department of Philosophy
University of Notre Dame
100 Malloy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone: (574) 631-6864
Email: jkourany@nd.edu

Office: 303 Malloy Hall
On Leave AY 2017



Ph.D., Columbia University

Areas of Interest

Philosophy of Science, Science and Values, Feminist Philosophy, Agnotology


Recent Articles:


  • “Agnotology, Feminism, and Philosophy: Potentially the Closest of Colleagues,” The Bloomsbury Companion to Analytic Feminism, edited by Pieranna Garavaso, forthcoming.
  • “Should Some Knowledge Be Forbidden? The Case of Cognitive Differences Research,” Philosophy of Science, forthcoming.
  • "Philosophy of Science and the Feminist Legacy," The Routledge Companion to Feminist Philosophy, ed. Ann Garry, Serene Khader, and Alison Stone, 2016
  • "Science—For Better or Worse, a Source of Ignorance as Well as Knowledge," International Handbook of Ignorance Studies, ed. Linsey McGoey and Matthias Gross, Routledge, 2015
  • "The New Ignorance," Scientific Explanation and Methodology of Science, ed. Chuang Liu, 2014
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  • "Meeting the Challenges to Socially Responsible Science: Reply to Brown, Lacey, and Potter," Philosophical Studies, 163 (1) (March 2013)
  • “The Ideal of Socially Responsible Science: Reply to Dupré, Rolin, Solomon, and Giere,” Perspectives on Science, 20 (3) (Fall 2012)
  • “Sexual Harassment in the Academy: Opening the Discussion,” American Philosophical Association Newsletter on Feminism and Philosophy, II (2) (Spring 2012)
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