Notre Dame’s Philosophy Department is one of the largest and most diverse in the country, offering an unusually broad range of courses and specializations.

Our areas of strength include the analytic and continental traditions as well as all major areas of historical and contemporary philosophy.
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Meghan Sullivan
September 5, 2014
John Martin Fischer
September 19, 2014
Sam Newlands
October 3, 2014

Recent News

We are proud to announce that Naomi Fisher and Dan Sportiello have been selected as graduate student fellows of the Notre Dame Institute for Advanced Study for 2014-2015

Naomi's research explores connections between the philosophy of science, philosophy of perception, and the history of philosophy. In particular, she focuses on how conceptions of the relationship between rationality and nature evolved in post-Kantian philosophy. Her dissertation examines themes of cognition, experience, and action in Kant and Schelling, particularly with respect to how these philosophers accommodate animal cognition and behaviors into their systems. She then applies the lessons learned from this period to contemporary philosophy.

Dan's research explores the relationship between theoretical and practical reason—and the relationship of both to the culture in which they are taught and exercised, especially insofar as that culture has changed through time. His dissertation, “The Primacy of the Practical in Alasdair MacIntyre,” stresses that theories are always the products of theorization, a practice—and so every theory must presuppose some way for theorization to lead to truth or else give up the very idea of truth. Just so, one can judge among contradictory and incommensurable theories by judging which theories least contradict themselves when put into practice. He is also interested in the philosophy of science, especially the philosophy of biology.