Advising is crucial for majors but open to everyone—whether you have specific questions about a possible course of study or just want to talk about philosophy.

All majors will receive advising at two points in their career:

1. Before Fall of their junior year

2. Before Spring of their senior year

Rising junior philosophy majors (including PSM) will have a registration hold on their account. This hold will be removed after they come to advising with one of the advisors.

For all other students, advising is optional, but we encourage you to schedule an advising appointment if you require further information about classes, directed readings, senior theses, etc.

I you would like to become a major or minor, please email Alexander Jech

Majors and minors are assigned advisors based on their last name, as follows:

Alexander Jech (DUS)    Philosophy Majors & Minors A–D
David Cory         Philosophy Majors & Minors E–K
Paul Blaschko Philosophy Majors & Minors L–R
Justin Christy   Philosophy Majors & Minors S–Z
Timothy Bays PSM Major Concentration and PSM Minor