Alexander Jech

Alexander  Jech


Assistant Professor of the Practice
Director of Undergraduate Studies

Faculty Fellow, Nanovic Institute for European Studies

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Department of Philosophy
University of Notre Dame
100 Malloy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone: (574) 631-7534

Office: 105 Malloy
Office Hours:


Ph.D., University of Notre Dame

Areas of Interest

Moral philosophy, social and political philosophy, philosophical theology, action theory, Kierkegaard


Nihil philosophiae a me alienum puto: I'm interested in everything philosophy-related and in everything philosophy relates to. I'm also Director of Undergraduate Studies. So, if you'd like to schedule an appointment with me to talk about the major, the minor, philosophy in general, a philosophical problem in particular, or anything else, you can do so by visiting and booking a time slot. 

Recent Articles:

  • "What Has Athens to do with Rome? Tocqueville and the New Republicanism," American Political Thought 6:4 (2017): forthcoming
  • “Pascal and the Voicelessness of Despair,” European Journal for Philosophy of Religion 8:2 (2016): 6–17 (contribution to book symposium on Thaddeus Metz’s Meaning in Life)
  • “Tocqueville, Pascal, and the Transcendent Horizon,” American Political Thought 5:1 (2016): 109–131
  • “The Twofold Task of Union,” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 17:5 (2014): 987–1000
  • “To Will One Thing,” American Philosophical Quarterly 50:2 (2013): 153–165
  • “‘Man Simply’: Excavating Tocqueville’s Conception of Human Nature,” Perspectives on Political Science 42:2 (2013): 84–93
  • “Affinity and Reason to Love,” American Catholic Philosophical Quarterly 87:1 (2013): 117–136
  • “Open Duties,” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 14:5 (2011): 503–516
  • “Are Intuitions of Supererogation Redoubtable?” Southwest Philosophy Review 24:1 (2008): 79–86

Current Projects:

  • The Hurricane Notebook: Three Dialogues on the Human Condition (drafts of the first two dialogues available upon request)
  • “The Cross of the Self: Reading Kierkegaard as the Single Individual"
  • "Evil, Narrative, and the Standpoint of Creation"
  • "Platonic Friendship"

Alexander  Jech's Curriculum Vitae (PDF)