Notre Dame’s Philosophy Department is one of the largest and most diverse in the country, offering an unusually broad range of courses and specializations.

Our areas of strength include the analytic and continental traditions as well as all major areas of historical and contemporary philosophy.

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Robert Audi
September 4, 2015
Curtis Franks
September 11, 2015
Joe Karbowski
September 18, 2015

Recent News


Grant Ramsey and Charles Pence awarded National Science Foundation Scholars Award for their evoText Project 

Their evoText project aims to bring cutting-edge text mining technology to bear on questions about the nature and history of biological science. Their project includes both the creation of a new web resource http://www.evotext.org, which anyone will be able to use free of charge, as well as using this resource for their own research questions. EvoText will be an important resource for philosophers of science, historians of science, and scientists themselves, since it provides a new window into the conceptual structure and development of science. 
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