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Laura Callahan wins Templeton Grant

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Professor Bernstein wins NEH Grant

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Why Major in Philosophy?

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Kenneth Sayre

In memoriam: Kenneth M. Sayre, professor emeritus of philosophy

Kenneth M. Sayre, a University of Notre Dame professor emeritus of philosophy and an early leader in the study of artificial intelligence, has died at age 94. A member of the faculty for 56 years, he was known for his teaching and research across a broad range of areas, including cybernetics, information theory, philosophy of mind, environmental philosophy, Plato, and epistemology. He authored 14 books, edited or co-edited five more, and...

Notre Dame philosopher and psychologist team up to study whether intellectual humility is a virtue — and if it’s helpful or harmful to the marginalized and oppressed

Intellectual humility — being free to think and listen without being concerned with the need to “be right” — could be an antidote for some pressing personal and societal problems. An interdisciplinary group of philosophers and psychologists, led by Laura Callahan and supported by a John Templeton Foundation grant, are hoping to identify how the characteristic can be used by individuals to improve their lives and how it can be...

Jordan Lavender Wins BJHP Award

The British Journal for the History of Philosophy (BJHP) announced that graduate student Jordan Lavender was awarded the Best Graduate Essay Prize for 2022 for his paper "The Mark of the Mental in the Fourteenth Century: Volitio, Cognitio, and Adam Wodeham’s Experience Argumen”. The prize of £1000 is awarded annually to the writer of an essay that makes a significant contribution to the history of philosophy. The competition is open to...

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