Timothy Bays

Associate Professor of Philosophy

Timothy  Bays

409 Malloy



Ph.D., UCLA (Math); Ph.D., UCLA (Philosophy) 

Research Interest

Logic, Philosophy of Logic, Philosophy of Mathematics 

Curriculum Vitae

I am an associate professor in the department of philosophy. Before coming to Notre Dame, I taught in the philosophy department at Yale. I also spent a few years as a Mellon Fellow at Chicago. I did my graduate work in the departments of philosophy and mathematics at UCLA.

In philosophy, my primary interests are in logic, the philosophy of mathematics, and the philosophy of logic. Although I like the history of philosophy---and spend a fair bit of time teaching Plato and Aristotle to freshmen---my languages aren't good enough to do real work here (maybe someday). In mathematics, I work on the borders between model theory and set theory, and I dabble in modal logic and algebra for fun.