The Minor in Philosophy, Science, and Mathematics consists of 5 courses, distributed as follows:

  • The Core Seminar in Philosophy, Science, and Mathematics. This is an intensive team-taught seminar offered every fall. This course is the gateway course for the minor (and the major).

  • A course in logic

  • A survey of the history of philosophy. This may be PHIL 30301 (History of Ancient & Medieval Philosophy) or PHIL 30302 (History of Modern Philosophy).
  • Two other upper-level philosophy courses, at least one of which will be in the philosophy of science, philosophy of mathematics, or logic, and at one of which must be at the 40000-level.

Typically, access to the minor will be restricted to students who have, or are in the process of receiving, significant scientific or mathematical training in their other studies at Notre Dame. However, exceptions are possible, and all are invited to apply.