Past Ph.D. Recipients

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Clay, Graham
Hume on Knowledge
Samuel Newlands

Flattery, Tobias
A Leibnizian Package Deal: Essentialism, Casual Independence, and Existential Independence
Samuel Newlands

Himelright, Jack
An Austere Nominalist Strategy for Paraphrasing Away Properties and Relations
Peter van Inwagen

Jackson, Liz
Belief and Credence: A Defense of Dualism
Robert Audi and Ted Warfield

Lau, Ting Cho
The Reasons Management Framework
Meghan Sullivan

Murray, Samuel
Vigilance: Self-Control for Planner
Robert Audi and Ted Warfield

Salzillo, Fr. Raphael Mary O.P.
The Soul as a Part in Aquinas
Christopher Shields

Schupack, Jesse
The Socratic Foundations of Platonic Justice
Sean Kelsey

Steeger, Jeremy
Quantum Probabilism: New Foundations for Subjective Quantum Probabilities
Nicholas Teh


Paul Blaschko
"Intending to Believe: An Essay on Doxastic Agency and the Voluntarist Foundations of Epistemic Normativity"
Robert Audi

Callie Phillips
"Metaphysics Without Naturalness"
Michael Rea

William Smith
Legitimizing Medical Practice
Robert Audi

Aaron Wells
Reason and Reality in Kant
Karl Ameriks


Javier Lanao Camara
Lawless Possibilities: A Powers Account of Natural Modality
Anjan Chakravartty

Nevin Climenhaga
Knowledge and Certainty 
Robert Audi

Rebecca Chan
Making Metaphysics Matter: Essay on Reasons and Persons
Michael Rea

Justin Christy
Aspects of Visual Awareness
Jeff Speaks, Fritz Warfield

Dustin Crummet
Committing to Equality: Essays on Distributive Justice, Community, and Economics
Robert Audi
Paul Weithman

Ryan Hammond
Living Without Desire
David Solomon

Kate Finley
Perception, Cognition, and Prediction
Fritz Warfield

Michael Longenecker
The Contingently Non-Concrete Uses and Nature"
Peter van Inwagen

Michael McCollum
Hobbes on Political Union and Authorization
Paul Weithman

David Pattillo
Reference and Ontology: How Can We Refer to Abstract Objects?
Peter van Inwagen

Michael Rauschenbach
Spinoza's Isolationism"
Sam Newlands

Benjamin Rossi
Internalism about Practical Reasons
Robert Audi
Fritz Warfield

Margaret Schmitt
On the Activity of Theoretical and Practical Reason
Jeff Speaks

Jeff Snapper
Ontological Commitment, Paraphrase, and Nihilism
Michael Rea

Monica Solomon
On Isaac Newton's Concept of Mathematical Force
Katherine Brading

David Squires
A Defense of Aristotle's Constituent Ontology
Sean Kelsey



Dimitris Apostolopoulos
Logos and Phenomenon: A Reappraisal of Merleau-Ponty's Philosophy of Language
Stephen Watson and Gary Gutting

Andrew Brenner
A Defense of Mereological Nihilism
Peter van Inwagen

Peter Finocchiaro 
Structuring Metaphysical Disputes: A Foray into Meta-Ideology
Michael Rea

Patrick Gamez
Foucault against Ethics: Subjectivity and Critique after Humanism
Stephen Watson and Gary Gutting

Jordan Rodgers
Nietzsche and the Task of Philosophy
Karl Ameriks

Alexander Stern
Fallen Language: Benjamin and Wittgenstein on the Aesthetics of Meaning
Fred Rush

Jeffrey Tolly
Reliabilism and the Generality Problem
Ted Warfield



Michael Deem
Norms and Nature: Engagements between Ethical Theory and the Biological Sciences
Robert Audi, Grant Ramsey

Robert Gustin
Kant’s Argument for the Transcendental Ideality of Time
Karl Ameriks

Scott Hagaman
Content and Justification: Prospects for Epistemological Rationalism
Robert Audi

Andrew Helms
Duns Scotus on Common Natures and "Carving at the Joints" of Reality
Richard Cross

Daniel Immerman
Now That’s a No-Know! The Best Argument for External World Skepticism
Ted Warfield

Ryan Kemp
On the Possibility of Radical Ethical Transformation: med stadigt Hensyn til Kierkegaard
Fred Rush

Anne Peterson
Hylomorphism in Aristotle’s Metaphysics: Constituent Ontology without Derivitave Diversification
Michael Loux

Amy Seymour
Presentism, Propositions, and Persons: A Systematic Case for All-Falsism
Michael Rea

Daniel Sportiello
The Primacy of the Practical in the History of Philosophy
David Solomon



Beau Branson
The Logical Problem of the Trinity
Richard Cross

Manuela Fernandez-Pinto
Learning from Ignorance: Agnotology’s Challenge to Philosophy of Science
Janet Kourany

Amelia Hicks
Moral Particularism: The Nonexistence of Moral Principles and the Nature of Proper Moral Deliberation 
Michael DePaul

Matthew Lee
Belief, Doubt, and Confidence: A Threshold Account
Robert Audi, Michael DePaul

Charles Pence
Chance in Evolutionary Theory: Fitness, Selection, and Genetic Drift in Philosophical Perspective
Grant Ramsey

Bradley Rettler
Grounding Truthmaking
Michael Rea



Kenneth Boyce
Towards a Fictionalist Nominalism
Michael Rea

Natalia Baeza
Contradiction, Critique, and Dialectic in Adorno
Fred Rush

Isaac Choi
Expertise: Its Nature and Appraisal
Ted Warfield

Eric Hagedorn
The Language of Scientia: Ocham’s Mental Language as the Subject Matter of Aristotelian Science
Richard Cross

Graham Leach-Krouse
Conceptions of Absolute Provability 
Tim Bays, Mic Detlefsen, Paul Larson

Aaron Segal
Hume-Inspired Metaphysics
Alvin Plantinga, Peter van Inwagen

Alexander Skiles
Getting Grounded: Essays in the Metaphysics of Fundamentality
Michael Rea

Joshua Tepley
Being in Heidegger’s Being and Time
Gary Gutting


Alex Arnold
An Essay on Evidence
Ted Warfield

Andrew Bailey
Person and Animal
Alvin Plantinga, Michael Rea

Karen Chan
The Conclusion to the Practical Syllogism: A Comparison of the Aristotelian-Thomistic and Contemporary Analytic Traditions
David Solomon

Daniel Hicks
Scientific Practices and their Social Context
Don Howard

Lorraine Juliano Keller
Whence Structured Propositions
Marian David

Richard Kim
The Nature of Well-Being: Towards a Defense of Aristotelian Perfectionsim
David Solomon

Lee Mayo (HPS)
Simulation and Replication: How Digital Computer Simulations Serve as Scientific Experiments
Don Howard

Thomas Mulherin
The Antinomy of Musical Meaning
Fred Rush

Bryan Pilkington
The Problem of Human Dignity
David Solomon

Christopher Porter
Mathematical and Philosophical Perspectives on Algorithmic Randomness
Michael Detlefsen, Curtis Franks, Peter Cholak

Luke Potter
The Incarnate Word: Philosophical Essays on the Christian Doctrine of Scripture
Mike Rea

Jennifer Rodriguez
The Ethics of War and Peace: From Pacifism to Crusade and In Between
David Solomon

Iulian Toader
Objectivity Sans Intelligibility: Hermann Weyl’s Symbolic Constructivism
Michael Detlefsen, Don Howard



Barham, James
Teleological Realism in Biology
Philip Sloan

Boeninger, Brian
Partial Freedom and Degrees of Moral Responsibility: The Metaphysics of Influence and Libertarianism
Thomas Flint

Brown, Claire
Supererogation for a Virtue Ethicist
W. David Solomon

Crull, Elise
Quantum Decoherence and Interlevel Relations
Don Howard

Korkut-Raptis, Buket
The Narrative Nature of Ethical Discourse
David Solomon

Miller, Jason
Subjectivity in Hegel’s Aesthetics
Karl Ameriks, Fred Rush

Morris, Dolores Griffin
Physical Dualism and the Mind-Body Problem
Alvin Plantinga

Smith, Angela
Prolegomena to a Kantian Theory of Moral Judgment
Karl Ameriks

Thames, Bradley
History, Contingency, and Virtue
W. David Solomon

Vande Wall, Holly
Philosophical Assumptions in U.S. Environmental and Public Health Policy: A Case Study of the Clean Water Act
Vaughn McKim

Walsh, Sean
Arithmetical Knowledge and Arithmetical Definability: Four Studies
Michael Detlefsen, Peter Cholak

Wicks, Peter
Everything is What It Is: Ethical Theory and the Language of Judgment
David Solomon



DiQuattro, David
Learning to Speak: A Prelude to an Augustinian Conception of Practical Reason
Michael DePaul, Megan Halteman-Zwart

What Simple Description....Can Never Grasp: Heidegger and the Plato of Myth
Stephen Watson

Keller, John
Telling the Whole Truth: The Role of Paraphrase in Philosophical Inquiry
Peter van Inwagen

Rasmussen, Joshua
What Propositions Correspond To And how They Do It
Peter van Inwagen

Reed, Philip
The Virtue of Vanity in Hume’s Moral Theory
David Solomon

Rosato, Jennifer
Opening Oneself to an Other: Sarte’s and Levinas’ Phenomenological Ethics
Gary Gutting

Watkins, Brian
Good Taste: Pleasure and Practice in Kant’s Critique of Aesthetic Judgment
Karl Ameriks, Anja Jauernig



Baldwin, Jason
A Social Requirement Theory of Moral Obligation
Michael DePaul

Frost, Gloria
Thomas Aquinas on Necessary Truths about Contingent Beings
Alfred Freddoso

Garcia, Robert
Nominalist Contituent Ontologies: A Development and Critique
Michael Loux

Hain, Raymond
Practically Virtuous: Instrumental Practical Reasoning and the Virtues
Ralph McInerny and David Solomon

Jech, Alexander
Wholehearted Love: An Augustinian Reconstruction of Frankfurt
David O'Connor

King, Nathan
The Epistemology of Disagreement: Puzzles, Solutions, and Applications
Ted Warfield and Robert Audi

Mihut, Cristian
Diachronic Agency and Narrative Understanding
David Solomon

Zepeda, Joseph
The Problem of the Vacuum in the Rationalist Tradition
Karl Ameriks, Anja Jauernig



Fogel, Brandon
Epistemolgy of a Theory of Everything: Weyl, Einstiein, and the Unification of Physics
Don Howard

Jensen, Jennifer
The Grounding Objection to Molinism
Thomas Flint

Khawaja, Irfan
Foundationalism and the Foundations of Ethics
David Solomon

Morris, Michael
The Unity of Identity and Difference as the Ontological Basis of Hegel’s Social and Political Philosophy
Karl Ameriks

Pitts, James Brian
General Covariance, Artifcial Gauge Freedom, and Empirical Equivalence
Don Howard



Green, Jeffrey
Work for a New Theory of Modality
Michael Rea, Peter van Inwagen

McKaughan, Daniel
Toward a Richer Vocabulary for Epistemic Attitudes: Mapping the Landscape of Cognitive Attitudes
Don Howard

Walsh, Sean
Modern Moral Theory and the Indeterminacy Objection to Aristotelian Virtue Ethics
Karl Ameriks and David Solomon



Biddle, Justin
Socializing Science: On the Epitemic Sginificance of the Institutional Context of Science
Don Howard

Botham, Thad
Rendering Free Will Intelligible: A Defense of Agent-Causation
Thomas Flint and Alvin Plantinga

Coffman, Eldon Franklin Jr.
An Essay on the Logic of Warrant
Alvin Plantinga and Ted Warfield

Green, Christopher
The Epistemic Parity of Testimony, Memory, and Perception
Michael DePaul and Alvin Plantinga

Huff, Benjamin
Friendship and the Shared Life of Virtue
David O'Connor

Jensen, Mark Nathan
A Theory of Civil Society
Paul Weithman

Kennedy, Matthew John
Second Naivete: Essays on the Structure of Experience
Michael Loux and Leopold Stubenberg

Ostaric, Lara
Between Insight and Judgment: Kant’s Conception of Genius and its Fate in German Idealism
Karl Ameriks

Shrader, Warren
The Metaphysics of Ontological Emergence
Alvin Plantinga and Ted Warfield



Grimm, Stephen R.
Understanding as an Epistemic Goal
Michael DePaul and Ted Warfield

Stangl, Rebecca Lynn
A Principled Sensibility: Rules and the Life of the Virtues
David Solomon

Stokes, Mitchell
Quinean Meta-ontology and Fictionalism
Alvin Plantinga and Peter van Inwagen



Arana, Andrew
Arithmetical Investigations: A Study of Models of Arithmetic and Purity of Methods
Michael Detlefsen and Julia Knight

Bartok, Philip John
Perceiving Structure: Phenomenological Method and Categorical Ontology in Brentano, Husserl, and Sartre
Gary Gutting

Berry, Roberta Marie
Re-Creating Adam: A Philosophical Investigation of the Genetic Engineering of Human Beings
Phillip Sloan

Birondo, Noell Nicholas
Moral Realism Without Values: An Essay on Reasons for Action
Karl Ameriks

Bowler, Michael Joseph
The Philosophical Context of Heidegger's Reappropriation of Aristotle
Stephen Watson

Branham, Alissa
Husser's Transcendental Idealism
Karl Ameriks

Elliott, Kevin Christopher
Scientific Anomaly and Biological Effects of Low-Dose Chemicals: Elucidating Normative Ethics and Scientific Discovery
Kristin Shrader-Frechette

Faulconer, Angela Wentz
Civic Excellence: Citizen Virtue and Contemporary Liberal Democratic Community
David Solomon and Paul Weithman

Halteman, Matthew C.
Toward Philosophy's Other Beginning: The Problem of Transcendence in Heidegger and Derrida
Stephen Watson

Kim, Joongol
A Philosophical Inquiry into the Concept of Number
Patricia Blanchette and Michael Detlefsen

Krueger, James Kenneth
On the Relationship Between Biology and Medicine
Alasdair MacIntyre and Lenny Moss

McKay, Angela Mary
The Infused and Acquired Virtues in Aquinas' Moral Philosophy
Alfred Freddoso

Miller, Christian B.
Agency and Moral Realism
Michael DePaul

Mirus, Christopher V.
Aristotle's Teleology and Modern Mechanics
Phillip Sloan

Moloney, Daniel Patrick
The Mirror of Justice: A Plea for Mercy in Contemporary Liberal Theory
David O'Connor

Monahan, Liam Murphy
Meeting Anscombe's Demand: Toward A Moral Psychology of Character
David Solomon

Mullen, John Tholfsen
Design Arguments Within a Reidian Epistemology
Alvin Plantinga

Pannier, Marie M.
Presentism and Some Related Questions
Michael Loux

Rissler, James D.
Divine Providence and Human Libertarian Freedom: Reasons for Incompatibility and Theological Alternatives
Thomas Flint and Alvin Plantinga

Smith, Donald Porter Jr.
Persistence, Persons and Vagueness
Alvin Plantinga and Peter van Inwagen



Bokulich, Peter Joshua Martin
Horizons of Description: Black Holes and Complementarity
Don Howard

Giebel, Heidi Marie
Intentions in Action: Contemporary Interpretations of the Principle of Double Effect
Kristin Shrader-Frechette

Toner, Christopher Hugh
Flourishing and Self-Interest in Virtue Ethics
David Solomon



Besmer, Kirk M.
Rational Ideality and Merleau-Ponty's Final View of Phenomenology
Stephen Watson

Crisp, Thomas Michael
In Defense of Presentism
Alvin Plantinga

Finch, Alicia M.
Freedom and Incompatibilism: On the Possibility of Undetermined Free Action
Peter van Inwagen and Ted Warfield

Jaworski, Jr., William Edward
Groundwork for a Dual-Attribute Theory of Mind
Michael Loux

Lipscomb, Benjamin James Bruxvoort
Binding Force: The Concept of Law in Moral Philosophy
David Solomon

McDonald, Patrick
Hermann von Helmhotz's Epistemology of Experiment: The Case of Physiological Acoustics
Don Howard

Mitchell, Jr., Henry Chesterfield
The Intellectual Commons: A Theory of Intellectual Property Rights
Vaughn McKim

Tate, Margaret Anne Watkins
The Autonomous Hume: On the Search for the Kantian Moral Motive in Hume's Moral Philosophy.
David Solomon

VanArragon, Raymond J.
Externalism, Skepticism, and Relevant Alternatives
Alvin Plantinga



Bokulich, Alisa
Philosophical Perspectives on Quntum Chaos: Models and Interpretations
James Cushing

Brenzel, Jeffrey Blaise
MacIntyre's Conceptions of Moral Inquiry: Origins, Nature and the Roots of Error
David Solomon

Frierson, Patrick R.
Anthropology and Freedom in Kant's Moral Philosophy: Saving Kant from Schleiermacher's Dilemma
Karl Ameriks

Hochschild, Joshua Peter
The Semantics of Analogy according to Thomas de Vio Cajetan's De Nominum Analogia
David Burrell and Gyula Klima

MacIsaac, Daniel Gregory
The Soul and Discursive Reason in the Philosophy of Proclus
Stephen Gersh

Piercey, Robert
Truth in History: The Crisis in Continental Philosophy of the History of Philosophy
Stephen Watson

Thrush, Michael
The Problem of Non-Being
Peter van Inwagen



Adamson, Peter
The Arabic Plotinus: A Study of Philosophy in Transition
David Burrell and Stephen Gersh

Anderson, Hayden William
Concepts and the Given in Kant's Theory of Experience
Karl Ameriks

DeYoung, Rebecca Konyndyk
Virtues in Action: Aquinas's Reply to the Action-Guiding Objection
David Solomon

Dudrick, David Francis
Problems of the Modern Self: Reflections on Rorty, Taylor, Nietzsche, and Foucault
Gary Gutting

Kain, Patrick Paul
Self-Legislation and Prudence in Kant's Moral Philosophy: A Critical Examination of Some Constructivist Interpretations
Karl Ameriks and David Solomon

Laan, David Alan Vander
Impossible Worlds
Alvin Plantinga

Pettit, Gordon Lee
Conditions of Moral Responsibility
Peter van Inwagen and Ted Warfield

Waddell, Michael
Truth Beloved: Thomas Aquinas and the Rational Transcendentals
Ralph McInerny



Howsepian, Avak Albert
The Theory of Middle Freedom: A Unified Acausal Theory of Free Agency
Thomas Flint and Alvin Plantinga

Koehl, Andrew Craig
Implicitly Grounded Beliefs
Alvin Plantinga

Lamb, Andrew William
Situated Science: A Phenomenological Defense of Philosophy as Rigorous Science
Karl Ameriks and Stephen Watson

Letteney, Michael James
Georges Cuvier, Transcendental Naturalist: A Study of Teleological Explanation in Biology
Phillip Sloan

McClellan, Christopher
Science, Intellect, and Social Evolution: A Study of Auguste Comte's Philosophy of Science
Ernan McMullin and Philip Mirowski

Miner, Robert Camp
Virtue, Reason and History: The Practical Philosophy of Giambattista Vico
David Burrell and Mark Jordan



Balashov , Yuri
Laws of Nature and the Universe: Philosophical Implications of Modern Cosmology
James Cushing and Ernan McMullin

Barry, Melissa J.
Taking Reasons Seriously in a Naturalistic Account of Normativity
David Solomon

Belousek , Darrin
Ontological Commitments and Theory Appraisal in the Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics
James Cushing

Blount, Douglas Keith
An Essay on Divine Presence
Thomas Flint

Davenport, John Joseph
Self and Will: An Existential Theory of Motivation and Frankfurt's Theme of Identification
Karl Ameriks and Stephen Watson

Meeker, Kevin Marshall
Knowledge and Norms: A Defense of Epistemic Justification
Philip Quinn

Nieto, John Francis
Continuity and the Reality of Movement
Alfred Freddoso

Payne, Andrew Brodell
Eros and Practical Reason in the Symposium
David O'Connor

Sperry-White, Elizabeth A.
The Contingency of Truth and Normativity: Toward a Reconstruction of Rorty's Account of Truth
Gary Gutting

Walsh, Moira McCann
Freedom and the Legitimacy of Moral Education: Philosophical Reflections on Aristotle and Rousseau
Alasdair MacIntyre



Bergmann, Michael Abram
Internalism, Externalism and Epistemic Defeat
Alvin Plantinga

Seymour, Charles Steven
A Theodicy of Hell
Philip Quinn

Wyma, Keith David
Weakness of Will as a Problem for Practical Rationality
Alasdair MacIntyre



Byron, Jr., Barry Michael
Rationality and the Paradoxes of Decision Theory: A Critique of Rational Choice Views.
Alasdair MacIntyre

Hurley, Timothy E.
John Rawls and Liberal Neutrality
John Robinson

Kirkpatrick, Wesley
'What to Make of Miss Fanny': Philosophical Reflections on Jane Austen's Mansfield Park
Philip Quinn

O'Callaghan, John Patrick Thomas
Mental Representation: St. Thomas and the De interpretatione
Ralph McInerny

Pell, Terence John
Liberalism, Community and Interpretation: Ronald Dworkin's Neo-Hegelian Theory of Law and Politics
David Solomon

Rea, Michael Cannon
The Metaphysics of Material Constitution
Alvin Plantinga

Taggart, Christopher Page
An Essay in Favor of Property Dualism
Michael Kremer and Leopold Stubenberg

Vessey, David T.
The Fruitfulness of Dialogue: A Presentation of an Account of Intersubjectivity Appropriate for Hermeneutics
Stephen Watson

Webb, Mark Richard
Explanation, Explanatory Success, and Realism
Ernan McMullin



Cavanaugh, Thomas Anthony Philip
Double Effect Reasoning: A Critique and Defense
Ralph McInerny

Dickson Jr., William Michael
Probability and Nonlocality: Determinism versus Indeterminism in Quantum Mechanics
James T. Cushing

Poppe, Susan O'Shaughnessy
Monde Vécu and Lebensform: Merleau-Ponty and Wittgenstein on the Roots of Linquistic Meaning
Frederick Crosson

Rosmaita, Brian Joseph
The Mathematical Objection to Mechanism
Michael Detlefsen



Bower, Marya
The Legacy of Heidegger's Account of Mitsein: An Investigation Concerning Innovation, Difference and Community
Stephen Watson

D'Andrea, Thomas DeSales
The Doctrine of Cause of Being in Aquinas's Summa Contra Gentiles: A Case Study in Christian Philosophy
Ralph McInerny

Davison, Scott Alan
The Metaphysics of Moral Responsibility
Thomas Flint

Dzida, Andrew J.
Thinking Critically About Religion: An Investigation of the Defense of the Rationality of Religious Commitment in some of the Writings of Immanuel Kant and of James Muyskens
Karl Ameriks

Forrai, Gabor
A Defense of Internal Realism: Reference, Truth, and Conceptual Schemes
Gary Gutting

Lutz, David W.
The Emergence of the Dualism of Practical Reason in Post-Hobbesian British Moral Philosophy
W. David Solomon

Merricks, II, Trenton D.
Enduring Objects
Alvin Plantinga

Miclot, Brian J.
Thinking the Ethical Out of Time: A Pre-ethical Investigation of Temporality
Stephen Watson

Poortenga, Anne Louise
Autonomy: Moral Not Political - Decocratic Education and Kant
David Solomon

Watkins, Eric
Kant's Third Analogy Of Experience
Karl Ameriks

Williams, Jr., Wayne Thomas
The Moral Philosophy of John Duns Scotus
Alfred Freddoso



Andres, Anthony Patrick
A Thomistic Account of the Dialectical Topic
Ralph McInerny

Beane, Jon T.
The Development of the Notion of Concupiscence in St. Augustine
Frederick Crosson

Collins, Robin A.
Epistemological Issues in the Realism/Antirealism Debate: An Analysis and a Proposal
Alvin Plantinga

Groenhout, Ruth Ellen-Bernd
Theoretical Approaches to Medical Ethics: Virue and Its Critics
W. David Solomon

Jensen, Steven J.
Intrinsically Evil Acts According to St. Thomas Aquinas
Ralph McInerny

Murphy, Mark Christopher
Philosophical Anarchism and the Possibility of Political Obligation
Alasdair MacIntyre



Davis, William C.
Thomas Reid on Moral Epistemology and the Moral Sense
Cornelius F. Delaney

Hill, Susanne E.
The Role of Theoria in Eudaimonia in the Aristotelian Corpus
Alasdair MacIntyre

Krebs, Victor J.
The Latter Wittgenstein's Transcendentalism
Karl Ameriks

Simboli, Brian D.
Motivation, Objectivity, and Basic Goods in John Finnis's Natural Law Theory.
W. David Solomon

Smillie, William Mark
Phantasia: In Defense of Thomas' Account of Imagination
Ralph McInerny

Stewart, William Christopher
Social and Economic Aspects of Charles Sanders Peirce's Conception of Science
Cornelius F. Delaney

Strand, Jonathan Mark
The Semantics of Conditionals
Alvin Plantinga

Young, William Eddy
Rationality and the Ends of Humean Action
Richard Foley



Bassham, Gregory Howard
Original Intent in Constitutional Theory: A Philosophical Study
John H. Robinson

Kuss, Karen Marie
Obedience as a Virtue: A Thomistic Consideration
Ralph McInerny

Laumakis, Stephen J.
The Sensus Communis and the Unity of Perception According to Saint Thomas Aquinas
Mark D. Jordan

Miller, Caleb
A Teleological Theory of Epistemic Rationality
Richard Foley and Alvin Plantinga

Moes, Mark Matthew
Plato's Dialogue Form and the Cure of the Soul
Kenneth M. Sayre

Murray, Michael J.
The Second Leibnizian Labyrinth: Psychology, Theology, and Freedom
Karl Ameriks and Alfred J. Freddoso

Simmons, E. Lance
What Incommensurability Claims Mean: A Study of Lugwik Fleck's Contibution to the Incommensurability Debate
Alasdair MacIntyre



Horst, Steven Wilson
Symbols, Computation and Intentionality: A Critique of the Computational Theory of Mind
Kenneth M. Sayre

Jenkins, Vicki Lynn
Paradox and the Ways of Religion
Frederick J. Crosson

Kreuzman III, Henry Bernard
Theories of Rationality in Epistemology and Philosophy of Science
Richard F. Foley

Tidman, Sherwood Paul
The Epistemology of Modality
Thomas V. Morris



O'Connor, Robert C.
Abductive Inference to Theological Realism
Philip L. Quinn

Walls, Jerry L.
The Logic of Damnation: A Defense of the Traditional Doctrine of Hell
Thomas V. Mor

Wilson, Patrick A.
The Anthropic Cosmological Princip
Rev. Ernan McMullin

Zorn, Hans Manthey
Doctrines and Rules: A Model for Religious Discourse
Rev. David B. Burrell



Hoover, Jeffrey L.
Beyond Liberalism and Communitarianism: The Foundations of the State in the Thought of Hegel and Schleiermacher
Karl Ameriks

Reed-Downing, Teresa Irene
Husserl's Phenomenology as Self-Justifying Science: A Study of The Development of Husserl's Philosophy Through Ideas I.
Frederick Crosson

Schmaltz, Tad M.
Descartes' Nativism: The Sensory and Intellectual Powers of Mind
Karl Ameriks

Shanahan, Timothy
The Units of Selection Controversy: A Case Study in the History and Philosophy of Biology
Edward Manier

Snow, Nancy Ellen
Contract Theory and moral Justification
Cornelius F. Delaney



Beaty, Michael Douglas
The Univocity Thesis and the Moral Goodness of God
Thomas V. Morris

Carter, James Alan
The Obligation to Believe in God
Gary Gutting

Clayton, Brian Barnard
Conceptions of Human Nature and Political Theory
James P. Sterba

Goetz, Stewart Calvin
A Noncausal Theory of Agency
Thomas Flint

Ingbretsen, David Andrew
Understanding and Explanation: Ricoeur's Critique of Gadmer
Frederick Crosson

McDonald, Julie Mary
Moral Dilemmas, Logical Possibility, and Moral Permissibility
W. David Solomon

Naragon, Steven Scott
Reason and Animals: Descartes, Kant and Mead on the Human's Place in Nature
Karl Ameriks and Cornelius F. Delaney

Sargent, Rose-Mary C.
Robert Boyle and the Experimental Ideal
Ernan McMullinSayre, Patricia Ann White

Dummett on the Theory of Meaning
Michael J. Loux



Loughran, Thomas Joseph
Theological Compatibilism
Alfred Freddoso

Wilcox, John Ralph
A Monistic Interpretation of Whitehead's Creativity
Sheilah Brennan

Wood, William Jerome
The Justification of Doctrinal Belief
Gary Gutting



Clark, Kelly James
Probabilistic Confirmation Theory and the Existence of God
Alvin Plantinga

Kelly, Stewart Emmett
A Critical Examination of Libertarian Views of Freedom
Richard Foley

Nelson, Mark Theodore
Intuitionism and Ethical Theory
William David Solomon



Fisher, Carlton Donovan
Rational Entitlement
Alfred Freddoso

Kemp, Kenneth William
Just-War Theory and the Casuistry of Prima Facie Duties
W. David Solomon and James P. Sterba

Menzel, Christopher Paul
Mathematical Realism and the Theory of Sets
Penelope Maddy and Alvin Plantinga

Smalley, Steven Paul
The Reasons of the Heart: An Inquiry into the Psychology and Logic of Religious Discovery
Gary Gutting

Summerfield, Donna Karen
Regresses, Rules, and Representation: Wittgenstein's Gordian Knot
Penelope Maddy



Arnault, Lynne Suzanne
The Advocacy of Historicism
Kenneth M. Sayre

Bilynskyj, Stephen S.
God, Nature and the Concept of Miracle
Alfred Freddoso

Boutette, David Louis
The Moral Philosophy of William George Ward
W. David Solomon

Casey, Gerard Noel
Inference, Assent, and First Principles in John Henry Cardinal
Ralph McInerny

Kessler, David Nathan
Design Arguments: A Re-Evaluation
Gary Gutting

Kirkham, Richard Ladd
Skepticism and Non-Veridical Justification
Richard Foley

Kolb, Daniel Carl
The Systematic Unity of Kant's Idea of Nature
Karl Ameriks

Lints, Richard
An Analysis and Defense of Modest Foundationalism
Richard Foley

Manfredi, Patsy Anthony
Understanding Rational Explanations: A Study of four Contemporary Philosophy of Mind
Vaughn McKim

Minister, Katherine Amy
A Study of the James/Bradley Debate
Cornelius Delaney

Monroe, Rev. Lee Joseph
Paul Ricoeur and the Philosophy of Religion: A Constructive Interpretation and a Critical Assessment of the Recent Writings
Frederick Crosson

Volbrecht, Rose Mary
Friendship: Its nature, Moral Significance, and Limits
W. David Solomon

Wians, William Robert
Aristotle's Method in Biology
Rev. Ernan McMullin

Zimmerman, Laura Lee
God and Time
Alfred Freddoso and Alvin Plantinga



Faber, Paul William
Christian Belief and Divine Normative Theories of Ethics
William David Solomon

Kvanvig, Jonathan Lee
Subjectivity in Justification
Richard Foley

Rogers, Katherin Anne
St. Anselm of Canterbury on Divine and Human Ideas
Stephen Gersh

Strikwerda, Robert Alfred
Emile Durkheim's Philosophy of Science: Framework for a New Social Science
Vaughn McKim



Denz, David Charles
Cognition and Self-Respect
William David Solomon

Gowans, Christopher William
Lewis' Foundationalism: An Examination of Chapters VII and VIII of C.I. Lewis' An Analysis of Knowledge and Valuation
Kenneth M. Sayre

Holloway, Montey Gene
Moral Considerations and Reasons for Action
Kenneth Goodpaster

Kelly, Michaeleen
Punishment and Responsibility
James P. Sterba

McLean, Michael Frank
An Exposition and Critical Discussion of Aquinas' Account of the Justification of Religious Belief
Gary Gutting



Des Jardins, Joseph Robert
A Philosophical Analysis of Lawrence Kohlberg's Theory of Moral Development
Kenneth E. Goodpaster

Flint, Thomas Patrick
Divine Freedom
Michael Loux and Alvin Plantinga

Grcic, Joseph M.
John Rawls and the Social Contract Tradition
James Sterba

McCall, John Joseph
Justification in Ethics: A Study of the Philosophy of Alan Gewirth
James Sterba

McHugh, John Paul
Freedom in the Philosophy of Sidney Hook
Cornelius Delaney

Rochowiak, Daniel Michael
Revolutionary Psychology and Behaviorism: The Methodology of Interdisciplinary Research
Edward Manier



Gallam, John Michael
The Refutation of Idealism in the Second Edition of Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
Cornelius F. Delaney

Loomis, David Eugene
The Philosophical Praxis of Rhetoric in Plato's Republic
Rev. David Burrell, C.S.C.

Mandell, Daniel Neil
Charles S. Peirce's Critique of Foundationalism
Cornelius F. Delaney

Schuurman Jr., Henry Jacob
Ockham and the Problem of God's Foreknowledge
Michael J. Loux



Frascella, William Joseph
Semantics and the Concept of Evidence
Boleslaw Sobocinski

Hammes, Bernard Joseph
The Views of Scientific Change and Their Evaluation: An Epistemological Approach
Gary Gutting

Monnard, Gary Francis
A Communication-Theoretic Approach to Two Problems of Perception
Kenneth Sayre

Neiman, Alven Michael
Augustine: Skepticism's Philosophy
Rev. David Burrell, C.S.C.

Wallulis, Jerald Theodore
Jurgen Habermas and Psychoanalysis: Working Through Knowledge and Human Interests
Gary Gutting



Atwater, Orin
Wants and Two Kinds of Reasons for Actions
Vaughn McKim

Dillon, Thomas
The Real Distinction Between Essence and Existence in the thought of St. Thomas Aquinas
Joseph Bobik

Fiscella, Joan
George Herbert Mead's Contribution to Descriptivism in Ethics
Cornelius F. Delaney

Gerald, Thomas
Lessing's Philosophy of Art: A Chapter in the History of Aesthetics
Ralph McInerny

Ledoux, Arthur
John Dewey and Greek Thought
Cornelius F. Delaney

Nordberg, Kevin
Collingwood's Philosophy of History
Ralph McInerny

Novak, Joseph
Aristotle on Method: Definition and Demonstration
Michael Loux



Baumer , Michael
A Possible-Worlds Reconstruction of Duns Scotus' Proof for the Existence of God
Michael Loux

Crowley, Reverend Cale
Strawson's Theory of the Person in Individuals
Rev. David Burrell

Derr, Patrick
Imre Lakatos' Theory of Scientific Rationality
Gary Gutting

Freddoso, Alfred
In Defense of Conceptualism: An Essay on the Problem of Universals
Michael Loux

Heffernan, James D.
Language, Rationality and Machines
Kenneth Sayre

Murphy, Anthony
Lyell's Principles of Geology: Explanation and Metaphor in Early 19th Century Geology
Edward Manier

Natoli, Charles
Nietzsche and Pascal: Visions of Christianity
Ralph McInerny

O'Donnell, Sister Gerald Mary
The Concepts of Explanation, Cause, Law and Reality in the Philosophy of Charles Sanders Peirce
Cornelius F. Delaney

Pyne, Thomas
Proper names and Relative Identity
Michael Loux

Voellmecke, Reverend Frank
Moral Reasoning: Aquinas and hare
Ralph McInerny



Boudreaux, Jack Christopher
A Model-Theoretic Investigation of Higher-Order Functional Claculi
Boleslaw Sobocinski

Denty, Michael William
Reminders of God: On the Uses of Argument in Religious Discourse
Rev. David Burrell

Dougherty, Charles John
Phenomenological Critiques of Empiricism: A Study in the Philosophies of Husserl and Peirce
Cornelius Delaney

Gillon, Society of Jesus, Jesuit Fathers, Rev. James A.
Hegel's Phenomenology of Mind: A Critical Commentary
Ralph McInerny

Koller, Kerry Joseph
Christianity and Philosophy According to Kierkegaard's Johannes Climacus
Ralph McInerny

Kowalski, James G.
Lesniewski's Ontology Extended with the Axiom of Choice
Boleslaw Sobocinski

Mahoney, James Michael
Josiah Royce: Moral Reasoning
Cornelius Delaney

Robinson, John Hayes
Seeing the World Aright: A Study of Ludwig Wittgenstein's Pretractarian Notebooks
Vaughn McKim

Sandok, Servants of Mary, Sister Theresa H.
Kierkegaard on Irony and Humor
Ralph McInerny

Walker, Vern Robert
An Information Theoretic Account of Truth Conditions for Third-person Claims Concerning the Perception of Objects
Kenneth Sayre



Clarke, Desmond Matthew
The Role of Experience in Descartes' Scientific Method
Ernan McMullin

Clarke, Dolores Marie
Moral Dispositions in Kant's Ethics
Ralph McInerny

Czerwionka, SSM, Sister Felicia E.
The Self in William James's Psychology
Cornelius Delaney

Doody, John Anthony
Scientific Realism and Instrumentalism: An Analysis of the Concepts of Description and Explanation
Vaughn McKim

Gozdowski, Edward William
Concepts, Objectivity, and Time: an Interpretation of the Analytic of Principles in Kant's Critique of Pure Reason
Michael Loux

Piggush, James Ralph
Peter Winch and the Philosophy of the Social Sciences
Vaughn McKim

Tumulty, Peter J.
A Study in the Ethics of William James
Cornelius Delaney



Davis, Jr., Charles C.
An Investigation Concerning the Hilbert-Sierpinski Logical Form of the Axiom of Choice
Boleslaw Sobocinski

Hughes, III, Roderick Perry
The Notion of the Ethical in Kierkegaard
Ralph McInerny

Mansbridge, Christopher
On the Possibility of Apprehending God in the Contemporary British Philosophy
Joseph Bobik

Scharle, Thomas Warren
Axiomatization of Fragments of S5.
Boleslaw Sobocinski

Sharkey, Paul William
Hume's Theory of Space and Time
Cornelius F. Delaney



DiGiovanna, Joseph J.
Linguistic Phenomenology: Philosophical Method in J. L. Austin
Kenneth Sayre; Johnson , Ralph Henry

The Concept of Existence in the Concluding Unscientific Postscript
Ralph McInerny

Pampusch, SSC, Sister Anita
Isaac Newton's Notion of Scientific Explanation
Ernan McMullin

Schultz, SCS, Rev. James Carl
From Insight to Metaphysics: The Metaphysics of Bernard J.F. Lonergan's Insight
Rev. David Burrell

Shrader, Kristin
Cybernetics and materialism
Kenneth Sayre



Barker, Donald R.
Becoming a Christian and Assenting to Assertions
Rev. David Burrell

D'Amour, Donald Henry
Aristotle on Heroes
Ralph McInerny

Gagnon, SSA, Sister Lorraine Marie
An Analysis and Evaluation of the Role of Symbol and Semblance in the Philosophy of Art of Susanne K. Langer
John Oesterle

Greene, James
The Relation of Science to Common Sense in the Philosophy of John Dewey
Otto Bird

Lambert, Richard Thomas
Man's Knowledge of His Soul in St. Thomas Aquinas
Joseph Bobik

Lohkamp, Order of Friars Minor, Rev. Richard J.
The Meaning and Significance of Charles S. Peirce's "On a New List of Categories"
Cornelius F. Delaney

Quinn, Charles F.
An Analysis of the Concept of Constructive Categoricity
Boleslaw Sobocinski



Bedan, David Edward
The Concept of Evolutionary Progress in the Context of Contemporary Philosophical Naturalism
Edward Manier

Berquist, Richard Harlow
The Idea of the Natural Law in the Writings of Del Vecchio
Robert Caponigri

Bonnette, Dennis
St. Thomas Aquinas on: The Per Accidens Necessarily Implies the Per Se
Joseph Bobik

Carlson, John William
Wittgenstein on Languages and Philosophical Understanding: A Study of Continuities in His Thought
Vaughn McKim

Dunne, SSMN, Sister Mary Rachel
Kierkegaard and Socratic Ignorance: A Study of the Task of Philosopher in Relation to Christianity
Rev. David Burrell

Jamalpur, Bahram
A Historical and Critical Comparison of Ibn Sina and Molavi within the Esoteric Iranian Tradition of Islamic Philosophy
Ralph McInerny

Jones, William Alexander
The Development of the Social Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre
Rudolph Gerber

McMahon, William Edward
Hans Reichenbach's Philosophy of Grammar
Kenneth Sayre



Bruening, William Harry
The Naturalistic Fallacy and Value Terms in Ethics
Ralph McInerny

Buckley, Eugene Carr
A Philosophical Treatise concerning Certain Mathematical Aspects of the Rule of the Majority
Ralph McInerny

Cahalan, John Charles
Necessary Truths and Philosophic Method
John Fitzgerald

Dooley, Patrick K.
Humanism in the Philosophy of William James
Cornelius F. Delaney

Gambatese, O.F.M., Rev. Angelus
The Commentary of William of Ockham on Aristotle's Perihermenias
John Oesterle

Glick, Daryl John
Freedom, Destiny, and Philosophy: An examination of Blondel's L'ACTION
Ralph McInerny

Kelly, Charles John
John Stuart Mill's Theory of naming and Defining
Guido Kung

Martin, George Arthur
An Interpretive Principle for Understanding Kierkegaard
Ralph McInerny

McCluskey, MHM, Rev. John Joseph
Ian Ramsey and a Theory of Models for Religious Language
Rev. David Burrell

McDermott, John Donovan
John Dewey: Ethical Inquiry and the Psychological Standpoint
Cornelius F. Delaney

Reidy, CHM, Sister Jeanne
Value-Language Analysis and Carl Rogers' Psychotherapy: Two Approaches to Questions about the Human Person
Rev. David Burrell

Weber, Stepen Lewis
Proof for the Existence of God; A Meta-investigation
Joseph Bobik

Ziegler, Jr., William John
The Political-Legal Theory of Justice Oliver Wendall Holmes
Otto Bird



Caspar, St. Mary of the Springs, Sister George Marie
Gabriel Marcel's Metaphysics of Integral Human Experience
Ralph McInerny

Dawson, Rev. William F.
A Study in Emotivism with an Aristotelian Response
John Oesterle

Foss, Laurence
Substance as a Category of Descriptive Metaphysics
Ernan McMullin

Green, S.J., Rev. Thomas H.
The idea of Novelty in Peirce and Whitehead
Ernan McMullin

McCarthy, Thomas Anthony
Husserl's Phenomenology and the Theory of Logic
Ernan McMullin

Quinn, Dennis P.
An Examination of Kant's Treatment of Transcendental Freedom
Harry Neilsen



Canty, John Thomas
Lesniewski's Ontology and Godel's Incompleteness Theorem
Boleslaw Sobocinski

Gendron, Bernard Louis
The Naturalist Conception of Man
Nicholas Lobkowicz

King, James Timothy
The Development of Hume's Ethics: Treatise III and the second Enquiry
Ralph McInerny

Thobe, Urban Albert
The Independence of Aristotle's Doctrine of the Principles of Absolute Becoming from his Theory of Elements
Charles Weiher



Ashmore, Robert B.
The Analogical Notion of Judgment in St. Thomas Aquinas
John Oesterle

Beatty, Richard D.
The Logical Foundations of Peirce's Categories, 1867-85
Otto Bird

Bruzina, Ronald Charles
Logos and Eidos: A Study of the Phenomenological Meaning of Concept" According to Husserl and Merleau-Ponty"
Frederick Crosson

Buckley, Joseph Anthony
The Dimensions of the Real according to Jacques Maritain
John FitzGerald

Carandang, Amado Ilagan
Jean-Paul Sartre and his Atheism
Harry Nielsen



Campbell, James Ian
Logical Positivism and Religious Statements
Harry Nielsen

Erpenbeck, James R.
The Relation of Pragmatism and Realism in the Philosophy of C.S. Peirce
John FitzGerald

George, Richard John
The Role of Points in Hume's Analysis of Space
Harry Nielsen

Gervasi, Julian A.
The Philosophy of Michele Federico Sciaaca
Robert Caponigri

Keane, R.S.H.M., Sister Ellen Marie
The Equation of Subjectivity and Truth in Kierkegaard's Postscript
Harry Nielsen

Kearley, Carroll Clay
The Non-Eleatic Concept of Being in the Works of Jose Ortega y Gasset
Ralph McInerny

King, Edward George
The Concept of Spiritual Substance in Berkeley's Empiricism
Kenneth Sayre

Larkin, C.S.J., Sister Miriam Therese
A Study of Language in the Philosophy of Aristotle
Ralph McInerny



Cavanaugh, Rev. Patrick Edmund
The Doctrine of Assent of John Henry Newman
Ralph McInerny

Coulson, William Rodney
Client-Centered Therapy and The Nature of Man
Frederick Crosson

Francis, Richard P.
The Doctrine of Natural Selection in John Dewey's Value Theory
Herman Reith

Murphy, Rev. Laurence Thomas
The Role of Nature and Connaturality in Moral Philosophy According to St. Thomas Aquinas
Ralph McInerny

Turley, Robert S.
Determinism in Freudian Psychoanalytic Theory
Harry Nielsen



Beis, Richard Hardy
Modern Ethical Relativism and the Natural Law Theory of St. Thomas Aquinas
Herman Reith

Hampsch, George Harold
Some Aspects of the Marxist Notion of Classless Society
Nicholas Lobkowicz

Kelly, Mathew John
The Interpretation of St. Thomas Aquinas of Aristotle's Physics 191a7-8: The Underlying Nature is Known by Analogy
Ralph McInerny

Kennedy, Samuel Joseph
Conscience: Its Nature and Role in Moral Activity, According to St. Thomas Aquinas
John Oesterle

Wojciechowski, Edward C.
Vladimir Soloviev's Doctrine of the Absolute
Nicholas Lobkowicz



Graham, Joseph Martin
Secondary Causal Influx According to St. Thomas Aquinas
Joseph Evans

Kelly, O.S.U., Sister M. James Therese
An examination of Eric Gill's Philosophy of Art
John Oesterle

Pax, Clyde Victor
The Approach to God in the Thought of Gab
Frederick Crosson

Ryan, Rev. Michael Terrance
The Notion and Uses of Dialectic in St. Thomas Aquinas
John Oesterle



Fairbanks, Matthew Jerome
C.S. Peirce and Nineteenth Century Positivism
Harry Nielson

Gruenenfelder, John Bernard
Plato's Theory of Scientific Knowledge in the Latter Dialogues
John Fitzgerald

Herx, Frederick Charles
The Problem of Illumination in St. Bonaventure and St. Thomas Aquinas: During the period 1250-1259.
Joseph Evans

Nelson, Ralph C.
Jacques Maritain's Conception of Moral Philosophy Adequately Considered
Joseph. Evans

Nugent, Francis R.
The Nature and Properties of Immanent Action
John Oesterle



Baseheart, S.C.N., Sister Mary Catharine
The Encounter of Husserl's Phenomenology and the Philosophy of St. Thomas in Selected Writings of Edith Stein
Vincent Smith

Hollenbach, SSND, Sister Mary William
The Nature of the Intellectual and Moral Virtues and Their Various Relationships
John Oesterle

Schrynemakers, Arthur Hubert
Descartes' Philosophical, Psychological, and Moral Views on The Passions of the Soul.

Weiher, C.S.C., Rev. Charles Frederick
Foundations of An Abstractionist Theory of Natural Number
Vincent Smith



Keegan, Francis Lauren
The Development of Jacques Maritain's Conception of Christian Philosophy: 1910-1929
Leo Ward

O'Grady, Donald Arthur
A Metaphysics of Beauty
James Anderson



Francoeur - Brothers of Christian Instruction, Robert A.
The People in the Social Role of the Church according to Lamennais
A. Robert Caponigri

Haddox, John Herbert
Reasons for the Importance of a philosophical Study of Some of the Basic Principles of the Living Word
Vincent Smith

Perillat, Robert Joseph
St. Thomas Aquinas on the Principle of Subsistence
Peter O'Reilly

Sikora, Joseph John
Object and Method in the Philosophy of Nature and in Physical Science
Vincent Smith



Hachey R.S.M., Sister M. Mercedes
St. Thomas' Doctrine on the Objectivity of the Concept
John Fitzgerald

Mattingly Order of St. Benedict, Rev. Basil
De Principiis Naturae of St. Thomas Aquinas: Critical Edition
Peter O'Reilly



Crosson, Frederick
Presence and Subjectivity
A. Robert Caponigri

Fitzgibbon, John Francis
The Origin of Ideas in the Latin-Avicennian Tradition
Daniel C. O'Grady

Kahn, Journet David
An Investigation into the Human Knowledge of the Singular
Leo Ward

Lanigan, Joseph Francis
An Investigation into the Human Knowledge of the Singular
Leo Ward



Hollenhorst, George
Yves Simon



Bobik, Joseph
Materrias Quantitate Signatta: The Thomistic Principle of the Individuation of Corporeal Substance
John Fitzgerald



Simmons, Edward Dwyer
Levels of Science: Exposition and Defense
James Anderson



Evans, Joseph William
Development of Thomistic Principles in Jaques Maritain's Notion of Society
Herbert Johnston

Ganguly, Rev. Theotonius Amal
Purush and Prakrti (Self and Nature) a Philosophical Appraisal of Patanjala - Samkhya - Yoga
Elie Denissoff

Morrison, John Joseph
A Definition of Mathematics
Yves Simon



Glanville, John Joseph
Verification in the Philosophy of Nature
Yves Simon



O'Connell, O.S.F., Sister M. Marguerite
The Relation Between Solitude and Social Action as Lived and Taught by St. Bernard

Velez, Jaime Saenz
The Doctrine of the Common Good in the Works of St. Thomas Aquinas
Yves Simon



Gerhard, William Arthus
Infra-Rational Knowledge and the Intellectual Virtue of Prudence
Yves Simon



Donovon, CSC, Sister Mary Annice
The Henological Argument for the Existence of God in the Works of St. Thomas

Pacheco, Armando Correia
Plato's Conception of Love



Junkersfeld SSND, Sister M. Julienne
The Aristotelian - Thomistic Concept of Chance



Babin, Arthur Eugene
The Theory of Opposition in Aristotle
Yves Simon



Flynn, Frederick Edward
Wealth and Money in the Economic Philosophy of St. Thomas
Yves Simon

Jacoby, Paul Joseph
Common Sense in Epistemology
Yves Simon

Schorsch, Robert Stephen
The Psychology of Play
Yves Simon



Baker, Richard Russell
The Thomistic Theory of the Passions and Their Influence on the Will
Yves Simon

Czajkowski, Casimer James
The Theory of Private Property in the Political Philosophy of John Locke
Yves Simon

Rago, Henry
The Philosophy of Esthetic Individualism
Yves Simon



McMorrow, George Joseph
A Metaphysical Study of the Individual and the Person
Yves Simon



Eggleston, C.S.C., Sister Maryh Frederick
Some Effects of the Theory of Evolution on the Philosophy of Religion



Dorsch, Sister Mary Verda
New Realism in the Light of Scholasticism