Joint PhD/MA in Philosophy & Classics

The Departments of Philosophy and Classics together offer a rigorous and interdisciplinary program of six years toward two degrees, a PhD in Philosophy and an MA in Classics. PhD candidates in Ancient Philosophy with knowledge of Greek and/or Latin can apply for one year of extra funding in order to pursue these two degrees in tandem. The masters degree can include a specialization in Greek, in Latin, or in both. 

The Philosophy Department has seven faculty members whose main area of research is in ancient or medieval philosophy, along with over a dozen faculty members working in these areas in the Departments of Classics, History, Political Science, Theology, and the Program of Liberal Studies.

Notre Dame has a vibrant and intellectually stimulating ancient and medieval philosophy community. It is home to the Center for the Aristotelian Tradition, the History of Philosophy Forum, and the Workshop on Ancient Philosophy. Annual events include conferences, workshops, invited lectures by distinguished scholars, and two weekly ancient Greek reading groups.

More details are available here and from the Directors of Graduate Study in Philosophy and Classics.