Recent Placements


Jackson, Liz
Belief and Credence: A Defense of Dualism
Robert Audi and Ted Warfield
Initial Placement: Australian National University, Research Fellow (S19); Ryerson University, tenure track (F20)
Current Placement: Australian National University, Research Fellow (S19); Ryerson University, tenure track (F20)

Salzillo, Fr. Raphael Mary O.P.
A Soul as a Part in Aquinas
Christopher Shields
Initial Placement: University St. Thomas Houston, tenure track (F19)
Current Placement: University St. Thomas Houston, tenure track (F19)


Blaschko, Paul
Intending to Believe: An Essay on Doxastic Agency and the Voluntarist Foundations of Epistemic Normativity"
Robert Audi
Initial Placement: Notre Dame, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow of Philosophy
Current Placement: Notre Dame, Andrew W. Mellon Postdoctoral Fellow of Philosophy, Philosophy as a Way of Life Project

Phillips, Callie
Metaphysics Without Naturalness
Michael Rea

Smith, William
Legitimizing Medical Practice
Robert Audi
Initial Placement: Emory University, Medical Student
Current Placement: University of Pennsylvania, residency  

Wells, Aaron
Reason and Reality in Kant
Karl Ameriks


Lanao Camara, Javier
Lawless Possibilities: A Powers Account of Natural Modality
Anjan Chakravartty
Initial Placement:  Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (Buenos Aires), 2-year postdoc
Current Placement:  Universidad Nacional de Quilmes (Buenos Aires), 2-year postdoc

Climenhaga, Nevin
Knowledge and Certainty 
Robert Audi
Initial Placement: University of Notre Dame, Managing Editor of Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
Current Placement: Australian Catholic University, permanent faculty

Chan, Rebecca
Making Metaphysics Matter: Essay on Reasons and Persons
Michael Rea
Initial Placement: San Jose State University, tenure-track 
Current Placement: San Jose State University, Assistant Professor

Christy, Justin
Aspects of Visual Awareness
Jeff Speaks, Fritz Warfield
Current Placement: Philosophy as a Way of Life Project, Program Coordinator (3-year)

Crummet, Dustin
Committing to Equality: Essays on Distributive Justice, Community, and Economics
Paul Weithman

Hammond, Ryan
Living Without Desire
David Solomon
Initial Placement: non-academic
Current Placement: non-academic

Finley, Kate
Perception, Cognition, and Prediction
Fritz Warfield
Initial Placement: Hope College, tenure-track
Current Placement: Hope College, Assistant Professor

Longenecker, Michael
The Contingently Non-Concrete Uses and Nature"
Peter van Inwagen
Current Placement: Wuhan University, China, 2-year post-doc

McCollum, Michael
Hobbes on Political Union and Authorization
Paul Weithman
Initial Placement: New York University, Law Student
Current Placement: New York University, Law Student

Pattillo, David
Reference and Ontology: How Can We Refer to Abstract Objects?
Peter van Inwagen

Rauschenbach, Michael
Spinoza's Isolationism"
Sam Newlands
Initial Placement: Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, Distinguished Student Scholar
Current Placement: Washington University in St. Louis School of Medicine, Distinguished Student Scholar

Rossi, Benjamin
Internalism about Practical Reasons
Fritz Warfield
Initial Placement: Miami University, OH, Visiting Assistant Professor
Current Placement: Tulane University, Murphy Institute Center for Ethics and Public Affairs, Faculty Fellow

Schmitt, Margaret
On the Activity of Theoretical and Practical Reason
Jeff Speaks

Snapper, Jeff
Ontological Commitment, Paraphrase, and Nihilism 
Michael Rea

Solomon, Monica
On Isaac Newton's Concept of Mathematical Force
Katherine Brading
Initial Placement:  University of Southern California Society of Fellows in the Humanities, with an affiliation to the USC School of Philosophy, 2-year post-doc fellow
Current Placement: University of Southern California Society of Fellows in the Humanities, with an affiliation to the USC School of Philosophy, 2-year post-doc fellow

Squires, David
A Defense of Aristotle's Constituent Ontology
Sean Kelsey and Christopher Shields
Initial Placement: University of Notre Dame, post-doc Center for Ethics and Culture
Current Placement: University of St. Thomas Houston, Assistant Professor


Apostolopoulos, Dimitris
Logos and Phenomenon: A Reappraisal of Merleau-Ponty's Philosophy of Language
Stephen Watson and Gary Gutting
Initial Placement: Nanyang Technological University, tenure-track
Current Placement: Nanyang Technological University, tenure-track

Andrew Brenner
A Defense of Mereological Nihilism
Peter van Inwagen
Initial Placement: University of Gothenburg, 18-month post-doc
Current Placement: Wuhan University, China, two-year post-doc

Finocchiaro, Peter
Structuring Metaphysical Disputes: A Foray into Meta-Ideology
Michael Rea
Current Placement: Wuhan University, China, assistant professor

Gamez, Patrick
Foucault against Ethics: Subjectivity and Critique after Humanism
Stephen Watson and Gary Gutting
Initial Placement: Missouri S&T, visiting
Current Placement: Missouri S&T, tenure-track 

Rodgers, Jordan
Nietzsche and the Task of Philosophy
Karl Ameriks
Current Placement: King's College, PA, post-doc

Stern, Alexander
Fallen Language: Benjamin and Wittgenstein on the Aesthetics of Meaning
Fred Rush
Current Placement: Goethe University, Frankfurt, 1-year post-doc 

Tolly, Jeffrey
Reliabilism and the Generality Problem
Ted Warfield
Current Placement: Rutgers University, 2-year post-doc
Initial Placement: University of Indianapolis, 2-year visiting



Deem, Michael
Norms and Nature: Engagements between Ethical Theory and the Biological Sciences
Robert Audi, Grant Ramsey
Initial Placement:  Pediatric Ethics and Genomics Fellowship, Children's Mercy Hospitals and Clinics (1-year) (F15) and Indiana State University, tenure-track
Current Placement: School of Nursing and Center for Healthcare Ethics at Duquesne University, Assistant Professor 

Fisher, Naomi
Kant, Schelling, and a New Philosophy of Nature
Karl Ameriks, Fred Rush
Initial Placement: Clark University, tenure-track 
Current Placement: Loyola University Chicago, Assistant Professor 

Gustin, Robert
Kant’s Argument for the Transcendental Ideality of Time
Karl Ameriks
Initial Placement: non-academic
Current Placement: non-academic

Hagaman, Scott
Content and Justification: Prospects for Epistemological Rationalism
Robert Audi

Helms, Andrew
Duns Scotus on Common Natures and "Carving at the Joints" of Reality
Richard Cross
Initial Placement: University of Texas at San Antonio, 1-year post-doc
Current Placement: University of Texas at San Antonio, Lecturer II

Immerman, Daniel
Now That’s a No-Know! The Best Argument for External World Skepticism
Ted Warfield
Initial Placement: Notre Dame, Arts and Letters Post-doc
Current Placement: non-academic

Kemp, Ryan
On the Possibility of Radical Ethical Transformation: med stadigt Hensyn til Kierkegaard
Fred Rush
Initial Placement: Wheaton College, tenure-track 
Current Placement: Wheaton College, Assistant Professor

Murphy, Allison
Living Well with Others: Aristotle on Friendship
David O'Connor
Initial Placement: Carleton College, Visiting Assistant Professor
Current Placement: Carleton College, tenure-track

Peterson, Anne
Hylomorphism in Aristotle’s Metaphysics: Constituent Ontology without Derivitave Diversification
Michael Loux
Initial Placement: University of Utah, tenure-track
Current Placement: University of Utah, Assistant Professor

Seymour, Amy
Presentism, Propositions, and Persons: A Systematic Case for All-Falsism
Michael Rea
Initial Placement: Fordham University, tenure-track
Current Placement: Fordham University, Assistant Professor

Sportiello, Daniel
The Primacy of the Practical in the History of Philosophy
David Solomon
Initial Placement: Santa Clara University, renewable visiting
Current Placement: University of Mary, Assistant Professor



Branson, Beau
The Logical Problem of the Trinity
Richard Cross
Initial Placement: Non-academic
Current Placement: Brescia University, Assistant Professor

Fernandez-Pinto, Manuela
Learning from Ignorance: Agnotology’s Challenge to Philosophy of Science
Janet Kourany
Initial Placement: University of Helsinki, 3-year post-doc
Current Placement: Universidad de los Andes, Columbia, Assistant Professor

Hicks, Amelia
Moral Particularism: The Nonexistence of Moral Principles and the Nature of Proper Moral Deliberation 
Michael DePaul
Initial Placement: Kansas State University, Visiting 
Current Placement: Kansas State University, Assistant Professor

Lee, Matthew
Belief, Doubt, and Confidence: A Threshold Account
Robert Audi, Michael DePaul
Initial Placement: Berry College, tenure-track
Current Placement:  Berry College, Assistant Professor

Pence, Charles
Chance in Evolutionary Theory: Fitness, Selection, and Genetic Drift in Philosophical Perspective
Grant Ramsey
Initial Placement: Louisiana State University, tenure-track
Current Placement:  Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium, Lecturer

Rettler, Bradley
Grounding Truthmaking
Michael Rea
Initial Placement: Baylor University, 3-year research post-doc
Current Placement: University of Wyoming, Assistant Professor



Baeza, Natalia
Contradiction, Critique, and Dialectic in Adorno
Fred Rush
Initial Placement: University of Florence, Italy, post-doc fellow
Current Placement: non-academic

Boyce, Kenneth
Towards a Fictionalist Nominalism
Michael Rea
Initial Placement: University of Missouri, tenure-track
Current Placement: University of Missouri, Assistant Professor

Choi, Isaac
Expertise: Its Nature and Appraisal
Ted Warfield
Initial Placement: University of Oxford, post-doc Research Fellow
Current Placement: George Fox University, Assistant Professor, Honors Faculty Fellow

Hagedorn, Eric
The Language of Scientia: Ocham’s Mental Language as the Subject Matter of Aristotelian Science
Richard Cross
Initial Placement: St. Norbert’s Teaching Fellow, 3-year renewable
Current Placement: St. Norbert’s Teaching Fellow, Assistant Professor

Leach-Krouse, Graham
Conceptions of Absolute Provability 
Tim Bays, Mic Detlefsen, Paul Larson
Initial Placement: Kansas State, tenure-track
Current Placement: Kansas State, Assistant Professor

Segal, Aaron
Hume-Inspired Metaphysics
Alvin Plantinga, Peter van Inwagen
Initial Placement: Yeshiva University, tenure-track
Current Placement: Hebrew University of Jerusalem, permanent faculty

Skiles, Alexander
Getting Grounded: Essays in the Metaphysics of Fundamentality
Michael Rea
Initial Placement: University of Geneva, Switzerland, postdoc
Current Placement: New York University, Swiss National Science Foundation 'Advanced Postdoc.Mobility' fellow

Tepley, Joshua
Being in Heidegger’s Being and Time
Gary Gutting
Initial Placement: Saint Anselm College, visiting  
Current Placement: Saint Anselm College, Assistant Professor


Arnold, Alex
An Essay on Evidence
Ted Warfield
Initial Placement: Templeton Foundation, non-academic
Current Placement: Templeton Foundation, Senior Program Officer

Bailey, Andrew
Person and Animal
Alvin Plantinga, Michael Rea
Initial Placement: Notre Dame, Arts and Letters Postdoc 
Current Placement: Yale-NUS College (Singapore), Associate Professor

Chan, Karen
The Conclusion to the Practical Syllogism: A Comparison of the Aristotelian-Thomistic and Contemporary Analytic Traditions
David Solomon
Initial Placement: St. Patrick's Seminary & University, regular faculty
Current Placement: St. Patrick's Seminary, Associate Professor, Academic Dean

Hicks, Daniel
Scientific Practices and their Social Context
Don Howard
Initial Placement: Notre Dame Arts and Letters Post-doc
Current Placement: UC Davis, post-doc

Juliano Keller, Lorraine
Whence Structured Propositions
Marian David
Initial Placement: N/A
Current Placement: Niagara University, adjunct professor

Kim, Richard
The Nature of Well-Being: Towards a Defense of Aristotelian Perfectionism
David Solomon
Initial Placement: City University of Hong Kong, 5 yr. Post-doc
Current Placement:  Loyola University Chicago, tenure-track

Mayo, Lee (HPS)
Simulation and Replication: How Digital Computer Simulations Serve as Scientific Experiments
Don Howard
Initial Placement: N/A
Current Placement: Lipscomb University, Visiting Assistant Professor

Mulherin, Thomas
The Antinomy of Musical Meaning
Fred Rush
Initial Placement: Georgetown, 1-year visiting
Current Placement: Georgetown, adjunct

Pilkington, Bryan
The Problem of Human Dignity 
David Solomon
Initial Placement: University of Notre Dame, teaching Post-doc
Current Placement:  Fordham University, Director of Academic Programs, Center for Ethics Education

Porter, Christopher
Mathematical and Philosophical Perspectives on Algorithmic Randomness
Michael Detlefsen, Curtis Franks, Peter Cholak
Initial Placement: National Science Foundation International Research, Postdoctoral Fellow
Current Placement: Drake University, Assistant Professor

Potter, Luke
The Incarnate Word: Philosophical Essays on the Christian Doctrine of Scripture
Mike Rea
Initial Placement: University of Notre Dame, Center for Philosophy of Religion
Current Placement: non-academic

Rodriguez, Jennifer
The Ethics of War and Peace: From Pacifism to Crusade and In Between
David Solomon
Initial Placement: Notre Dame, adjunct asst. professor
Current Placement: Notre Dame, adjunct asst. professor

Toader, Iulian
Objectivity Sans Intelligibility: Hermann Weyl’s Symbolic Constructivism
Michael Detlefsen, Don Howard
Initial Placement: Marie Curie Int'l Research fellowship, 3 yrs at U of Bucharest, Romania
Current Placement: University of Salzburg, Lise Meitner Senior Scholar



Barham, James
Teleological Realism in Biology
Philip Sloan
Initial Placement: non-academic
Current Placement: non-academic

Boeninger, Brian
Partial Freedom and Degrees of Moral Responsibility: The Metaphysics of Influence and Libertarianism
Thomas Flint
Initial Placement: Providence College, Visiting
Current Placement: non-academic

Brown, Claire
Supererogation for a Virtue Ethicist
W. David Solomon
Initial Placement:  Bridgewater State College, tenure-track
Current Placement: Asbury University, Associate Professor 

Crull, Elise
Quantum Decoherence and Interlevel Relations
Don Howard
Initial Placement: St. Andrew’s University, 3-year post-doc
Current Placement: City College, CUNY, Assistant Professor

Korkut-Raptis, Buket
The Narrative Nature of Ethical Discourse
David Solomon
Initial Placement: Notre Dame, post-doc, 1-year
Current Placement: Muğla University (Turkey), Associate Professor

Miller, Jason
Subjectivity in Hegel’s Aesthetics
Karl Ameriks, Fred Rush
Initial Placement: Rice University, visiting
Current Placement: Warren-Wilson College, Professor, Department Chair

Morris, Dolores Griffin
Physical Dualism and the Mind-Body Problem
Alvin Plantinga
Initial Placement: University of South Florida, visiting
Current Placement: University of South Florida, Instructor

Smith, Angela
Prolegomena to a Kantian Theory of Moral Judgment
Karl Ameriks
Initial Placement: Mount Saint Mary’s University, Adjunct and tenure-track
Current Placement: Florida State University, Adjunct

Thames, Bradley
History, Contingency, and Virtue
W. David Solomon
Initial Placement: Notre Dame, post-doc, 1 year
Current Placement: Ashford University (MN), Assistant Professor

VandeWall, Holly
Philosophical Assumptions in U.S. Environmental and Public Health Policy: A Case Study of the Clean Water Act
Vaughn McKim
Initial Placement: Boston College, visiting
Current Placement: Boston College, Assistant Professor of the Practice

Walsh, Sean
Arithmetical Knowledge and Arithmetical Definability: Four Studies
Michael Detlefsen, Peter Cholak
Initial Placement: Birkbeck, University of London, three-year post-doc
Current Placement: UCLA, Associate Professor

Wicks, Peter
Everything is What It Is: Ethical Theory and the Language of Judgment
David Solomon
Initial Placement: Princeton, post-doc
Current Placement: Elm Institute, Director, Program in Ethics, Finance, and Economics; Research Fellow



DiQuattro, David
Learning to Speak: A Prelude to an Augustinian Conception of Practical Reason
Michael DePaul, Megan Halteman-Zwart
Initial Placement: Grove City College, tenure track 
Current Placement: Stetson University, adjunct

Megan Halteman-Zwart
What Simple Description....Can Never Grasp: Heidegger and the Plato of Myth
Stephen Watson
Initial Placement: St. Mary’s College (IN), visiting
Current Placement: St. Mary’s College (IN), Assistant Professor

Keller, John
Telling the Whole Truth: The Role of Paraphrase in Philosophical Inquiry
Peter van Inwagen
Initial Placement: Niagara University, tenure-track
Current Placement: Niagara University, Associate Professor

Rasmussen, Joshua
What Propositions Correspond To And how They Do It
Peter van Inwagen
Initial Placement: Notre Dame, 2 year Sorin Post-doc
Current Placement: Asuza Pacific University, Associate Professor

Reed, Philip
The Virtue of Vanity in Hume’s Moral Theory
David Solomon
Initial Placement: Canisius College, tenure-track
Current Placement: Canisius College, Associate Professor

Rosato, Jennifer
Opening Oneself to an Other: Sarte’s and Levinas’ Phenomenological Ethics
Gary Gutting
Initial Placement: St. Thomas University (MN), tenure-track
Current Placement: St. Johns Seminary, Camarillo, adjunct

Watkins, Brian
Good Taste: Pleasure and Practice in Kant’s Critique of Aesthetic Judgment
Karl Ameriks, Anja Jauernig
Initial Placement: Duke University, Writing Program, 3-year visiting
Current Placement: non-academic



Baldwin, Jason
A Social Requirement Theory of Moral Obligation
Michael DePaul
Initial Placement: non-academic
Current Placement: non-academic

Frost, Gloria
Thomas Aquinas on Necessary Truths about Contingent Beings
Alfred Freddoso
Initial Placement: University of St. Thomas (MN), tenure-track
Current Placement: University of St. Thomas (MN), Associate Professor

Garcia, Robert
Nominalist Contituent Ontologies: A Development and Critique
Michael Loux
Initial Placement: Texas A&M University, tenure-track
Current Placement: Texas A&M University, Associate Professor

Hain, Raymond
Practically Virtuous: Instrumental Practical Reasoning and the Virtues
Ralph McInerny and David Solomon
Initial Placement: Catholic University of America, 1-year visiting
Current Placement: Providence College, Associate Professor

Jech, Alexander
Wholehearted Love: An Augustinian Reconstruction of Frankfurt
David O'Connor
Initial Placement: University of Virginia, post-doc, 2 years
Current Placement: University of Notre Dame, Assistant Professional Specialist, Director of Undergraduate Studies

King, Nathan
The Epistemology of Disagreement: Puzzles, Solutions, and Applications
Ted Warfield and Robert Audi
Initial Placement: Notre Dame, Sorin Post-doc, 2 years
Current Placement: Whitworth University, Associate Professor

Mihut, Cristian
Diachronic Agency and Narrative Understanding
David Solomon
Initial Placement: Bethel College (IN), tenure-track
Current Placement: Bethel College (IN), Associate Professor

Zepeda, Joseph
The Problem of the Vacuum in the Rationalist Tradition
Karl Ameriks, Anja Jauernig
Initial Placement: St. Mary’s (CA), tenure-track
Current Placement: St. Mary’s (CA), Assistant Professor 



Fogel, Brandon
Epistemolgy of a Theory of Everything: Weyl, Einstiein, and the Unification of Physics
Don Howard
Initial Placement: University of Chicago, Harper Fellow, 4 year post-doc
Current Placement: University of Chicago, Assistant Professor

Jensen, Jennifer
The Grounding Objection to Molinism
Thomas Flint
Initial Placement: University of Notre Dame, Adjunct 
Current Placement: University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, Senior Instructor

Khawaja, Irfan
Foundationalism and the Foundations of Ethics
David Solomon
Initial Placement: Felician College, adjunct 
Current Placement: Felician College, Assistant Professor

Morris, Michael
The Unity of Identity and Difference as the Ontological Basis of Hegel’s Social and Political Philosophy
Karl Ameriks
Initial Placement: Friedrich-Schiller University Jena, post-doc
Current Placement: University of Southern Florida, Associate Professor

Pitts, James Brian
General Covariance, Artifcial Gauge Freedom, and Empirical Equivalence
Don Howard
Initial Placement: Notre Dame, Sorin Post-doc, 2-year
Current Placement: University of Cambridge, Senior Research Associate



Green, Jeffrey
Work for a New Theory of Modality
Michael Rea, Peter van Inwagen
Initial Placement: Wheaton College, visiting
Current Placement: Houston Baptist University, Associate Professor, Dean

McKaughan, Daniel
Toward a Richer Vocabulary for Epistemic Attitudes: Mapping the Landscape of Cognitive Attitudes
Don Howard
Initial Placement: Notre Dame, 2-year Sorin Post-doc
Current Placement: Boston College, Associate Professor

Walsh, Sean
Modern Moral Theory and the Indeterminacy Objection to Aristotelian Virtue Ethics
Karl Ameriks and David Solomon
Initial Placement: University of Minnesota, Duluth, tenure-track
Current Placement: University of Minnesota, Duluth, Associate Professor



Biddle, Justin
Socializing Science: On the Epitemic Sginificance of the Institutional Context of Science
Don Howard
Initial Placement: Bielefeld University, post-doc
Current Placement: Georgia Tech School of Public Policy, Associate Professor

Botham, Thad
Rendering Free Will Intelligible: A Defense of Agent-Causation
Thomas Flint and Alvin Plantinga
Initial Placement: Valparaiso University, Visiting Professor
Current Placement: Arizona State University, Instructor

Coffman, Eldon Franklin Jr.
An Essay on the Logic of Warrant
Alvin Plantinga and Ted Warfield
Initial Placement: University of Notre Dame, post-doc
Current Placement: University of Tennessee, Professor

Green, Christopher
The Epistemic Parity of Testimony, Memory, and Perception
Michael DePaul and Alvin Plantinga
Initial Placement: University of Mississippi, tenure-track
Current Placement: University of Mississippi, Professor

Huff, Benjamin
Friendship and the Shared Life of Virtue
David O'Connor
Initial Placement: Randolph-Macon College, tenure-track
Current Placement: Randolph-Macon College, tenured

Jensen, Mark Nathan
A Theory of Civil Society
Paul Weithman
Initial Placement: Hope College, 2-year visiting
Current Placement: United States Air Force Academy, Associate Professor 

Kennedy, Matthew John
Second Naivete: Essays on the Structure of Experience
Michael Loux and Leopold Stubenberg
Initial Placement: University of Nottingham, tenure-track
Current Placement: non-academic

Ostaric, Lara
Between Insight and Judgment: Kant’s Conception of Genius and its Fate in German Idealism
Karl Ameriks
Initial Placement: Saint Michael’s College (Vermont) tenure-track
Current Placement: Temple University, Associate Professor

Shrader, Warren
The Metaphysics of Ontological Emergence
Alvin Plantinga and Ted Warfield
Initial Placement:  Indiana University South Bend tenure-track
Current Placement: Indiana University South Bend, Associate Professor



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