Resources for Grad Students

For complete information on Ph.D. requirements, grades, special programs, financial support, and governance, consult the Graduate Guide.

Directed Readings Form
To be filed with the department office upon completion of the form.

Incomplete Form
To request an incomplete in a course.

Travel and professional development request form
Requires DGS signature and pre-approval for travel funds

Graduate Student Writing Tutor Program

  • Any Philosophy graduate student who is not a native English speaker can arrange for writing tutoring from any Philosophy graduate student. This tutoring should take the form of assistance with writing a specific paper. Tutors will be paid by the Philosophy Department.
  • Though any student can be a tutor, the following people have indicated that they would be interested in tutoring, and you should feel free to contact them:
  • Tutoring is limited to four hours per paper. Tutors should report their hours worked to Kim Early.
  • For questions, or to be added to the above list, contact Paddy Blanchette.

Students may also be interested in exploring opportunities connected with the various centers affiliated with the department.

University Resources for Graduate Students

The Graduate School 
The Graduate School provides information on application, financial support, and additional funding.

Graduate Career Services
The Graduate Career Services Consultants endeavor to engage, develop and empower students in pursuit of their career and professional development goals. 

Graduate Student Union
The Graduate Student Union addresses concerns from the graduate student body, hosts events, and provides additional funding for conferences and travel.

Internal Funding Opportunities

Globes Certificate in Environment and Society
The GLOBES Certificate in Environment and Society is an interdisciplinary graduate certificate program in which students explore environmental challenges from different perspectives through innovative training in leadership, communications, and policy-making. Open to graduate students in all disciplines with environmental and global health research interests, the GLOBES certificate recognizes a student's ability to extend research in new directions, produce interdisciplinary scholarship, and become an effective communicator across disciplines. GLOBES Certificate students are eligible for mini-grant awards to support interdisciplinary research.

Writing Center
Writing Center Services for Graduate Students and Postdoctoral Scholars include writing consultations, consultations with read-aheads, camps and retreats, a presenter center, and much more. 

Kaneb Center for Teaching
Notre Dame Learning's Kaneb Center supports the pursuit of teaching excellence by stimulating scholarly reflection and conversation about teaching and encouraging the adoption of practices that enhance learning.

Disability Services
The Center for Student Support and Care is dedicated to providing Notre Dame students with comprehensive, individualized care. Our aim is to help students get connected to academic, social, physical, mental, financial, and spiritual support. Through consultation, advocacy, and resource promotion, the Center works on behalf of students to help them thrive at Notre Dame and beyond.

Where to do, what to do
A community resource for the Notre Dame Family, is the site to answer all of your questions about living around Notre Dame. From Arts and Entertainment to Health and Personal Care, and so much more, has you covered. 

Graduate Student Life
The mission of Graduate Student Life is to enhance the educational experience of and quality of life for Notre Dame students pursuing advanced degrees. As a unit within the Division of Student Affairs, and in partnership with the Graduate School, Graduate Student Life is committed to:

  • Cultivating a community of integrated learning in which the healthy and holistic development of mind, heart, body, and spirit is encouraged and supported for all graduate students
  • Assessing and addressing the distinct and diverse needs of the graduate student population with a particular focus on wellness and community building
  • Modeling and fostering collaborative relationships across departments, programs, and divisions
  • Creating an environment in which the presence and contributions of graduate students are recognized, valued, and celebrated.

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