Journal of Analytic Theology

The Journal of Analytic Theology, edited by Mike Rea and Oliver Crisp, is an open access, international journal that twice annually publishes articles, book reviews, and book symposia that explore theological and meta-theological topics in a manner that prizes terminological clarity and argumentative rigor. This includes historical studies that seek to elucidate conceptual challenges or explore strategies for addressing them.

Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic

The Notre Dame Journal of Formal Logic provides a forum where researchers working in all areas of logic and the foundations of mathematics can read and publish original and significant work. Chief Editors are Michael Detlefsen and Anand Pillay.

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews

Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews is a free online journal that publishes substantive, high-quality book reviews that are commissioned and vetted by a distinguished national and international Editorial Board. Editor in Chief is Anastasia Friel Gutting.

Studies in History and Philosophy of Science

Studies in History and Philosophy of Science is devoted to the integrated study of the history, philosophy, and sociology of the sciences, focusing on both the long-established areas of the history of the sciences and the philosophy of the sciences and the topical areas of historiography of the sciences, the sciences in relation to gender, culture, and society, and the sciences in relation to the arts. The Journal is international in scope and content and publishes papers from a wide range of countries and cultural traditions. Editor in chief is Anjan Chakravartty.