Joshua Seachris

Associate Teaching Professor; Program Director, Center for Philosophy of Religion

Joshua Seachris
223 Malloy


University of Oklahoma, PhD 2010

Research Interest

Meaning of Life, Value Theory, Philosophy of Religion

Curriculum Vitae

Joshua Seachris is Program Director for the Center for Philosophy of Religion. He manages a number of Center projects, including large interdisciplinary grant initiatives. He is also managing editor for the Journal of Analytic Theology. He devotes most of his philosophical energy to the topic of life’s meaning.

He is a native Kansan

Representative Publications

What Makes Life Meaningful? A Debate (debate with Thaddeus Metz) Routledge (Forthcoming).

What Is This Thing Called the Meaning of Life? (with Stewart Goetz) Routledge (2020).

“From the Meaning Triad to Meaning Holism: Unifying Life’s Meaning.” Human Affairs 29:4 (October 2019): 363-78.

“The Sub Specie Aeternitatis Perspective and Normative Evaluations of Life’s Meaningfulness: A Closer Look.” Ethical Theory and Moral Practice 16:3 (June 2013): 605-20.

“Death, Futility, and the Proleptic Power of Narrative Ending.” Religious Studies 47:2 (June 2011): 141-63.