Pixie Shen

University of Toronto, Hons. BSc

Pixie completed their Honours Bachelor of Science in Mathematics in 2020 at Toronto, where they developed an interest in the Early Analytic tradition. After the heartbreaking realization that Frege and Wittgenstein did not give them the ultimate truth of the universe, they decided to start all over to become a metaphysician and carve the nature at its joints. They then became obsessed with certain contemporary metaphysics that is historically-informed, especially topics such as metaphysical grounding and ontological pluralism. Naturally, they started their PhD at Notre Dame in 2021, where they continued to look for the meaning of 42. In 2022, they had an identity crisis from doing too much metaphysical grounding and started to slowly dive into social metaphysics. Their current research project is on metametaphysics as well as the metaphysics of self, where in both cases they attempt to sketch a new account that they call "fragmentalism". When they are not doing philosophy, you can find them watching old movies and reading stuff in queer and trans studies.


Research Interests