Ted A. Warfield

Professor of Philosophy

216 Malloy Hall
by appointment


Ph.D. Rutgers University

Research Interest


I research a variety of topics in both theoretical and applied philosophy. Probably my most significant research contributions have been in epistemology and philosophy of action (especially on free will), though I’ve also done work in many other areas including philosophy of mind, philosophy of religion, and various area of applied ethics (especially medicine, death, and animals).



At the graduate level I have taught seminars on various topics in philosophy of mind, epistemology, ethical theory and meta-ethics, philosophy of action, and other areas.

At the undergraduate level my recent teaching has been mostly on various topics in theoretical and applied ethics, in philosophy of law (usually criminal law issues though sometimes constitutional law), and on various issues in philosophy of medicine (psychiatry, end of life issues, the law / medicine intersection and more). I work closely with many pre-law and pre-med students hoping to attend the finest law and medical schools.


PhD supervision

I am a very active PhD supervisor having supervised 17 PhD students on a significantly broad range of topics. Recent dissertation areas of supervisees include: traditional epistemology; philosophy of mind; meta-ethics; formal epistemology; metaphysics; philosophy of psychology; philosophy of action, and more. I sometimes supervise alone and sometimes co-supervise with a colleague (a common practice in our large department). My fine co-supervisors over the years have included Robert Audi, Mike DePaul, Daniel Nolan, Alvin Plantinga, Jeff Speaks, and Peter van Inwagen.

As a dissertation supervisor I pride myself on helping my students develop and further their own projects (rather than mine or someone else’s). By I think deserved reputation I am known as a pretty demanding advisor who works hard on behalf of students both during the dissertation phase and when students go on the job market. The best way to learn what it’s like to work with me is probably to speak with current or recent supervisees. Interested PhD students are also welcome to discuss supervision possibilities directly with me.