Shane Duarte

Associate Professor of the Practice

Shane Duarte


B.A., McGill University

Ph.D., University of Pennsylvania


Research Interest

Early Modern Philosophy

The Aristotelian tradition

My principal area of research is early modern European philosophy, with a special focus on late scholasticism and the thought of G. W. Leibniz. I am currently finishing a translation of Francisco Suárez’s Metaphysical Disputations II-IV, to be published in two volumes by The Catholic University of America Press.

Representative Publications

Francisco Suárez, Metaphysical Disputation I: On the Nature of First Philosophy or Metaphysics, translated and annotated, with a corrected Latin text, by Shane Duarte (Washington, D.C.: The Catholic University of America Press, 2021)

“The Ontological Status of Bodies in Leibniz (Part II),” Studia Leibnitiana 48(1) (2016), 68-88

“The Ontological Status of Bodies in Leibniz (Part I),” Studia Leibnitiana 47(2) (2015), 131-61

“Leibniz and Prime Matter,” Journal of the History of Philosophy 53(3) (2015), 435-60

“Leibniz and Monadic Domination,” Oxford Studies in Early Modern Philosophy VI (2013), 209-48

“Aristotle’s Theology and its Relation to the Science of Being qua Being,” Apeiron 40(3) (2007), 267-318