Sean Kelsey

Rev. John A. O’Brien Associate Professor

Sean Kelsey

201 Malloy Hall


Ph.D. Princeton University

Research Interest

Ancient Philosophy

Sean specializes in Ancient Greek philosophy, especially Plato and Aristotle. He came to Notre Dame in 2009, having taught before that at UCLA (1998-2009) and Iowa State (1997-98); he received his PhD in Philosophy from Princeton in 1997. His recent publications include ‘Truth and value in Plato’s Republic’ (Philosophy 88 (2013): 197-218), ‘Empty words’ (in D. Ebrey (ed.), Theory and Practice in Aristotle’s Natural Science (Cambridge, 2015)), ‘Aristotle on interpreting nature’ (in M. Leunissen (ed.), Aristotle’s Physics: A Critical Guide (Cambridge, 2015)), ‘Limited Government in Plato’s Republic’ (forthcoming in Philosophy (Athens)), and ‘An aporia about aisthêsis’ (forthcoming in a volume being edited by R. Radice and M. Zanatta (Unicopli)). He is currently working on a book on Aristotle’s De anima (working title Life, Sensibility, and Intelligence).