Sara Bernstein

R.L. Canala College Professor of Philosophy

Sara Bernstein

(574) 631-4011
202 Malloy Hall



Ph.D., University of Arizona

Research Interest


Curriculum Vitae

Sara Bernstein is R.L. Canala College Professor of Philosophy. Prior to coming to Notre Dame, she was assistant professor at Duke University. She specializes in metaphysics, especially the metaphysics of causation, and on related topics in ethics and the law. She has additional interests in the metaphysics of time and time travel, and in the metaphysics of feminist theory. In the 2022-2033 academic year, she holds a fellowship from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

Representative Publications

  • (forthcoming) "Paradoxes of Time Travel to the Future", Perspectives on the Philosophy of David K. Lewis, eds. Helen Beebee and A.R.J. Fisher, Oxford University Press
  • (2021) "Could a Middle Level be the Most Fundamental?", Philosophical Studies 178: 1065-1078
  • (2021) "Ontological Pluralism about Non-Being", Non-Being: New Essays on the Metaphysics of Nonexistence, eds. Sara Bernstein and Ty Goldschmidt, Oxford University Press, pp. 1-16
  • (2020) "The Metaphysics of Intersectionality", Philosophical Studies 177:2 321-335
  • (2019) "Moral Luck and Deviant Causation", Midwest Studies in Philosophy 43:1 151-161
  • (2017) "Causal Proportions and Moral Responsibility", Oxford Studies in Agency and Responsibility, Volume 4, ed. David Shoemaker, Oxford University Press, pp. 165-182