Sara Bernstein

Thomas J. and Robert T. Rolfs Collegiate Chair of Philosophy and Associate Professor

Sara Bernstein

(574) 631-4011
202 Malloy Hall



Ph.D., University of Arizona

Research Interest


Curriculum Vitae

Sara Bernstein is Associate Professor of Philosophy at the University of Notre Dame. Previously, she was an assistant professor of philosophy at Duke University. She has held the Philip L. Quinn Fellowship at the National Humanities Center and the Andrew W. Mellon Assistant Professorship at Duke University. She has been a visitor at Arché at the University of St. Andrews, and is a frequent visitor at the Australian National University.

Representative Publications

  • (forthcoming) "Grounding is not Causation", Philosophical Perspectives
  • (forthcoming) "Causal Proportions and Moral Responsibility" in Oxford       
  • Studies in Agency and Responsibility, ed. David Shoemaker
  • (forthcoming) "Intuitions and the Metaphysics of Causation", Experimental Metaphysics, ed. David Rose, Bloomsbury
  • (forthcoming) "Causal and Moral Indeterminacy", Ratio
  • (forthcoming) "Causal Idealism", Idealism: New Essays in Metaphysics, eds. Tyron Goldschmidt and Kenny Pearce, Oxford University Press
  • (forthcoming) "Time Travel and the Movable Present", Being, Freedom, and Method: Themes from van Inwagen, ed. John Keller, Oxford University Press