Richard Cross

Rev. John A. O'Brien Professor of Philosophy

Richard  Cross

427 Malloy Hall


D. Phil, University of Oxford

Research Interest

Medieval Philosophy and Theology, History of Philosophical Theology

Curriculum Vitae

Richard Cross is John A. O'Brien Professor of Philosophy. He came to Notre Dame in 2007, having been a Fellow of Oriel College in the University of Oxford from 1993 to 2007. He specializes in medieval philosophy and theology, with a particular focus on Duns Scotus. He is currently at work on a multi-volume history of the metaphysics of Christology. A preliminary volume on Aquinas to Scotus appeared in 2002. Recently, he has published volumes on Reformation Christological Debates (OUP, 2019), and The Metaphysics of Christology in the Seventeenth Century (OUP, 2022). In press or in progress are three more volumes, one on discussions from Ockham to Biel; one on Early Scholastic Christology; and a final one on Latin Christology in late antiquity and the early middle ages. He is also preparing a critical edition of different versions of Peter Auriol's commentary on book 3 of the Sentences.