Jeff Speaks

Professor of Philosophy

Jeff Speaks

203 Malloy Hall

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Ph.D., Princeton University

Research Interest

Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Language

Curriculum Vitae

Jeff came to Notre Dame in 2006, after teaching for three years at McGill University. He received his PhD from Princeton in 2003, and works mainly in the philosophy of mind and philosophy of language.


Representative Publications

  • The Greatest Possible Being, Oxford University Press (2018).
  • "The roles of speaker and hearer in the character of demonstratives," Mind 125:498 (2016).
  • The Phenomenal and the Representational (Oxford, 2015).
  • "Is phenomenal character out there in the world?", Philosophy and Phenomenological Research 91:2 (2015), 465-482.
  • New Thinking About Propositions, with Jeffrey C. King and Scott Soames (Oxford, 2014).