Michael DePaul

Professor of Philosophy Emeritus

Email: depaul.1@nd.edu


Ph.D., Brown University

Areas of Interest

Ethics, Epistemology


Recent Articles:

  • "Two Conceptions of Coherence Methods in Ethics," Mind (1987)
  • "The Problem of the Criterion and Coherence Methods in Ethics," Canadian Journal of Philosophy (1988)
  • Naivete and Corruption in Moral Inquiry," Philosophy and Phenomenological Research (1988)
  • "Argument and Perception: The Role of Literature in Moral Inquiry," The Journal of Philosophy (1988)
  • "Moral Statuses," Australasian Journal of Philosophy (1988)
  • "The Highest Moral Knowledge and the Truth Behind Moral Internalism," Southern Journal of Philosophy (1990)

Online Articles:


  • Balance and Refinement: Beyond Coherentism in Moral Inquiry (1993)