Colloquium Series: Michelle Kosch (Cornell)


Location: 117 DeBartolo Hall (View on

Michelle Kosch will be giving a talk titled "Recognition after Fichte" on September 23rd from 3-5 pm in 117 DeBartolo Hall. 

Abstract: In the paper, I describe a novel conception of recognition introduced by Fichte and related, by Fichte, to an account of rights on the one hand and to an account of the social genesis of reflective agency on the other hand. I describe some of the history of uptake of Fichte’s picture in 19th and 20th century social and political philosophy, and explore the explanations of social stratification and social change available on a Fichtean model. I raise some questions about how Hegel’s conception of recognition, which combines some aspects of a familiar pre-Fichtean model with some aspects of the Fichtean one, fits with those explanations.