Niels Linnemann (Bremen): "Constructivist approaches to the epistemology of spacetime"


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Title: Constructivist approaches to the epistemology of spacetime

Speaker: Dr Niels Linnemann, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Department of Philosophy, University of Bremen


In this talk, I consider what are known as constructivist approaches to the epistemology of spacetime— i.e., approaches that supposedly linearly build up physical geometry from supposedly self-evident observational facts. By contrasting the Ehlers-Pirani-Schild (EPS) approach with the (arguably Neo-Kantian) protophysics program, I showcase the different epistemological motivations behind constructivist programs as well as their varied lessons for today. 

The talk aims at a general philosophy of science audience, and thus does not require much physics background. Recommended background reading is 

Parts of the talk are based on joint work with Emily Adlam and James Read in the course of a joint research effort on re-assessing the EPS scheme (see and 

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