Notre Dame-ACU International Ethics Conference

Location: 205 McKenna Hall (View on

Co-Directors:  Robert Audi (Notre Dame) and Stephen Finlay (Australian Catholic University)

April 10th through 12th, 2022, University of Notre Dame

McKenna Hall, 205



Sunday April 10

9:45:  Welcome and opening information (Robert Audi and Stephen Finlay)

10:00-11:00:  Sarah Stroud (UNC), “How Do Personal Relationships Make a Moral Difference?

Chair:  Stephen Finlay (ACU); Commenting, Mike Zhao (Notre Dame)

11-noon:  Philip Stratton-Lake (Reading), “Ross and the Problem of Permissibility"

Chair: Anthony Skelton (University of Western Ontario); Commenting, Dale Dorsey (Kansas)


Break:  noon-12:30)

12:30-1:30:  Thomas Hurka and Bowen Chan (Toronto), “Ross on Virtue and Vice”

Chair: Noell Birondo (University of Texas, El Paso); Commenting, Selim Berker (Harvard)


Lunch:  1:30-3:30

3:30-4:30:  Roger Crisp (Oxford), “The Prima Facie/Overall Distinction:  What is it? Where does come from? Why does it matter?”

Chair:  Paul Weithman (Notre Dame); Commenting, Sarah Buss (Michigan)


Break:  4:30-5

5:00-6:00:  Brad Hooker (Reading), “Ross on Justice”

Chair: Anthony Skelton (UWO); Commenting, Stephanie Collins (Monash)

6:00-7:00:  Garrett Cullity (ANU), “Ross and the Foundations of Morality”

Chair: Robert Audi (Notre Dame); Commenting, Nandi Theunissen (Pittsburgh)


Monday April 11

9:30-10:30:  David Phillips (University of Houston), “Can Sidgwick and Ross Converge in Moral Theory?”

Chair:  Georges Enderle (Notre Dame); Commenting, Marta Soniewicka (Jagiellonian University)

10:30-11:30Renée Jorgensen (Michigan), “Objective Rights & Epistemic Risks: Beyond Subjective Permissibility”

Chair: Brian Cutter (Notre Dame); Commenting, Laura Callahan (Notre Dame)


Break:  11:30-noon

noon-1:00Zoë A. Johnson-King (USC), “The Slow Clap Phenomenon”

Chair:  Don Howard (Notre Dame); Commenting, Elizabeth Jackson (Ryerson University)


Lunch:  1:00-3:00

3:00-4:00:  Tamar Schapiro (MIT), “What Makes Weak-Willed Action Weak?”

Chair:  David Cory (Notre Dame); Commenting, Patrick Kain (Purdue)


Break:  4:00-4:30

4:30-5:30:  Stephen Finlay (ACU), “Beyond Normativity”

Chair:  Patricia Blanchette (Notre Dame); Commenting, Hille Paakkunainin (Syracuse)


6:30-8:15:  Dinner (for speakers), Morris Inn (cash bar opens at 6—for all participants)


8:30-10:00:  Terence Cuneo (Vermont), and Russ Shafer-Landau (Wisconsin), “Why Be Moral?"

Co-Chairs: Robert Audi (Notre Dame) and Stephen Finlay (ACU); Commenting, Nevin Climenhaga (ACU) and Dustin Crummett (Seattle Pacific University)  


Tuesday, April 12

10:00-11:00:  David Copp (UC—Davis), “Ethical Realism and Robust Normativity”

Chair: Feraz Azhar (Notre Dame); Commenting, Declan Smithies (Ohio State)

11:00-noon:  Ralph Wedgwood (USC), “Decision-Theoretic Virtue Ethics”

Chair:  Haley Dutmer (Notre Dame); Commenting, Joshua Gert (William & Mary)


Break: noon-12:30


12:30-1:30:  Caleb Perl (ACU), “Justifying Thresholds”

Chair: Joseph Mendola (University of Nebraska, Lincoln); Commenting, Christopher Kulp (SCU)  


Lunch: 1:30-3:30


3:30-4:30:  Clayton Littlejohn (King’s London and ACU), “Count the Numbers"

Chair:  Rachel Dichter (Notre Dame); Commenting, Victoria Costa (William & Mary)  


Break: 4:30 - 5:00


5:00-6:00:  Mark Timmons (Arizona), co-authoring with Terry Horgan (Arizona), “Gratitude as What’s Morally Expected:  A Phenomenological Approach”

Chair: Blake Roeber (Notre Dame); Commenting, Isabel Canfield (Notre Dame)  


6:00-6:15:  Short closing remarks led by directors