History of Philosophy Workshop: Fr. Philip-Neri Reese


Location: Maritain Library (Geddes 437) (View on map.nd.edu)

Join us this Friday for this semester's final lunchtime workshop in the history of philosophy! 

Each workshop will consist of a presentation by a graduate student or faculty on a project that he/she is working on in the history of philosophy, followed by a period of comments/questions from the other participants. The workshop is designed to give grad students and faculty the opportunity to develop ideas and receive helpful feedback on projects/papers in a friendly and low stakes environment. 

Who: Fr. Philip Neri Reese

What: "Uh-oh: a Trilemma for Thomistic Metaphysics" (see below for an abstract)  

Where: The Maritain library (Geddes Hall, room 437) 

When: Friday, Dec 3, 12:00-1:00

Abstract: Thomas Aquinas is perhaps most famous for his metaphysics of being, which encompasses topics like the transcendentals, the real distinction between essence and existence, and the ontological foundation of predication. It is of some discomfort for the Thomist, then, that these three themes generate a trilemma at the heart of his metaphysics of being. In this talk I will (1) motivate the trilemma, and (2) attempt to resolve it. You can decide which I do better.

Please email Dylan MacFarlane (dmacfarl@nd.edu) with any questions. We hope to see you there!


Originally published at historyofphilosophy.nd.edu.