13th Annual ND/NU Epistemology Conference


Location: Zoom

Join us for the 12th annual Notre Dame/Northwestern Epistemology Conference on April 9th. Details below


Learning to Guess Right

Conditionalization is a popular rule constraining how a person’s degrees of belief should change in response to new evidence. But the traditional argument for conditionalization, put in terms of betting behavior, is too focused on action; other arguments, which focus on accuracy, bake in controversial assumptions and are hard to interpret. I will provide a new accuracy-based argument for this rule: I will argue that conditionalization is a good idea, as it helps us make true guesses.

Program of the conference:

April 9th

12pm – 1:15pm Benjamin Henke: Degree Encroachment, Washington University in Saint Louis

1:20pm – 2:35pm Tez Clark: Functionalism and Moral Testimony, New York University

2:40pm – 3:55pm Francesco Praolini: Uniqueness and Epistemic Obligation, University of Cologne

4pm-5:15pm Keynote Speaker - Sophie Horowitz: Learning to Guess Right

April 10th

10am - 11:15am Diego Rodríguez Téllez: Doxastic Responsibility and the Implausibility of an Indirect Control Approach, National Autonomous University of Mexico

11:20am- 12:35pm Joshua Brecka: Belief-Credence Dualism and Epistemic Peer Disagreement, University of Toronto

12:40pm – 1:55pm Troy Seagraves: Intellectual Character and Permissivism, Purdue University