Grad Colloquium: Mack Sullivan


Location: 320 Malloy Hall (View on

This Wednesday, September 11th at 6:30 in Malloy 320 will be the first graduate student colloquium. Mack Sullivan will be giving a talk titled "Imaginism" and we will provide pizza and refreshments. Here is an abstract for the talk:

Abstract: Consider imaginism: the view on which we can reduce modal facts (facts about what might, and must, and would be) to facts about the imagination.  This talk explores that view. I start by talking a little about imagination itself, and about how we are all committed to believing that sentences about imaginary entities (somehow) express truths.  I then take some tentative steps toward developing imaginism, by sketching biconditionals that connect modal facts to facts about a certain entity’s imagination. And I close by considering various advantages of imaginism over other would-be reductive views – like fictionalism or theism –  about the modal facts.