The Philosophy and Physics of Noether's Theorems


Location: Fischer Hall, 1-4 Suffolk Street, London, UK


2018 brings with it the centenary of a major milestone in mathematical physics: the publication of Amelie ("Emmy") Noether's theorems relating symmetry and physical quantities, which continues to be a font of inspiration for "symmetry arguments" in physics, and for the interpretation of symmetry within philosophy. In order to celebrate Noether's legacy, the University of Notre Dame and the LSE Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences are co-organizing a conference that will bring together leading mathematicians, physicists, and philosophers of physics in order to discuss the enduring impact of Noether's work. 

Schedule of Speakers [include links]: John Baez (UCR), Jeremy Butterfield (Cambridge), Anne-Christine Davis (Cambridge), Sebastian de Haro (Amsterdam and Cambridge), Ruth Gregory (Durham), Yvette Kosmann-Schwarzbach (Ecole Polytechnique), Peter Olver (UMN), Sabrina Pasterski (Harvard), Oliver Pooley (Oxford), Tudor Ratiu (UCSC and Jiao Tong), Kasia Rejzner (York), and Robert Spekkens (Perimeter)


The conference will take place in Fischer Hall, 1-4 Suffolk Street, London, UK (Google Map). To get there, exit the Charing Cross underground station and walk down the Strand to Suffolk Street. Go North on Suffolk St; Fischer Hall is one block up on the right at the corner of Suffolk Place.

The conference room in Fischer Hall is wheelchair accessible. Participants who would like to plan an accessible visit can write to Brian Klue (, Director of Facilities.


Details about the conference hotel location to be announced soon.


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Organisers: Bryan W. Roberts ( and Nicholas Teh (


Notre Dame International 

John Templeton Foundation 

LSE Centre for Philosophy of Natural and Social Sciences 

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