Lunchtime Talk: Ashton Green


Location: 220 Malloy Hall

Grad Student Ashton Green will give the lunchtime talk on September 28th from 12-1:15 pm in 220 Malloy Hall. BYOL.

What can Metaphysics do for Science?: Conflicts in Principles as Awakeners of Theory Change

Naturalized metaphysics has become a popular topic for the discussion of philosophers of science and metaphysicians alike. Most of this discussion occurs in one direction - critics of traditional metaphysics call for the discipline to adopt either the methods or the content of science. However, it is perhaps more interesting to consider the reverse direction and ask: what can metaphysics do for science? Ernst Cassirer provides an account of how philosophical thinking - specifically conceptual analysis - makes an

Ashton Lunchtime F18

indispensable contribution to theory change, especially of the revolutionary kind. In this paper I argue the his account is uniquely useful today, because it provides a both concrete goal for metaphysicians, and retains the progressive nature of science. I invite scientists, philosophers, and metaphysicians to consider with me the feasibility and practical applications of this goal Cassirer provides. 


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