Émilie Du Châtelet’s Foundations of Physics

Location: McKenna Hall (View on map.nd.edu)

A Conference Celebrating the Complete English Translation

210-214 McKenna Hall
April 26th-28th, 2018

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Conference Program

In 2009, Isabelle Bour and Judith Zinsser published a partial translation of Émilie Du Châtelet’s Foundations of Physics. Since 2014, faculty and students at the University of Notre Dame have worked to complete the translation (see www.kbrading.org/du-chatelet). This conference celebrates the completion of the project.

The conference will feature talks, presentations, and discussions of the text, its philosophical and historical context and significance, and ways of incorporating Du Châtelet’s philosophy into undergraduate teaching. Participants include:

  • Wilda Anderson
  • Katherine Brading 
  • Karen Detlefsen
  • Lisa Downing
  • Jamee Elder
  • Bryce Gessell
  • Liz Goodnick
  • Ashton Green
  • Ruth Hagengruber
  • John Hanson
  • Sarah Hutton
  • Andrew Janiak
  • Keiko Kawashima
  • Marcy Lascano
  • Lauren Montes
  • Lydia Patton
  • Andrea Reichenberger
  • Anne-Lise Rey
  • Anne Seul
  • Phil Sloan
  • Ronald Smeltzer
  • George Smith
  • Monica Solomon
  • Marius Stan
  • Eric Watkins
  • Aaron Wells
  • Judith Zinsser


History and Philosophy of Science Graduate Program
Institute for Scholarship in the Liberal Arts, Henkels Lecture Series
Nanovic Institute for European Studies
Notre Dame Research
Notre Dame History and Philosophy of Science Graduate Program

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