Pamela Hieronymi (UCLA)


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I am sorry you feel this way” has the dubious distinction of being the paradigm of non-apology apologies (nonpologies, fauxpologies). But perhaps this remarkable phrase points to an insight—quite beyond the scope of this who use these dreaded words, of course—that shows us something of considerable importance about the resentment, indignation, contempt, etc. of those whom we have wronged. 


In order to find out whether this (and many other interesting and important things—such as: what did Carly Simon really mean, in 1972, when she sang: “You’re so vain...”) is really so, you will have to come and listen to the talk of our last colloquium speaker for this term: 


Prof. Pamela Hieronymi (UCLA): “I’ll Bet You Think this Blame Is about You”. 138 DeBartolo, 3-5pm. With receptions in the Philosophy Lounge before and after the talk, starting at 2:15 and 5:00 respectively.



Pamela Hieronymi