Workshop: Current Issues on Self-Consciousness


Location: 215 Malloy Hall (View on

9.00 – 10.30 am

Matthew Boyle (Chicago): Mind, Morality, and the First-Person Perspective
Comments by Paul Blaschko (Notre Dame)

10.40 – 12.10 am

Kenneth Williford (Arlington, Texas): Self-Acquaintance, “Mineness”, and the First-Person Perspective

Katharina Workshop Small

Comments by Maik Niemeck (Freiburg, Germany)

12.10 – 1.20 pm Lunch – Sorin’s (Notre Dame)

1.20 – 2.50 pm

Katharina Kraus (Notre Dame): Personal Identity and the First-Person Perspective: Kant’s Conception of a Person
Comments by Graham Clay (Notre Dame)


Organization: Katharina Kraus (Notre Dame, U.S.A.), Maik Niemeck (Freiburg, Germany)