Jc Beall to join Notre Dame’s faculty in fall 2020

Author: Christine Grandy

Jc BeallJc Beall

The Department of Philosophy is excited to announce that Jc Beall will join the department as the O’Neill Family Chair of Philosophy in the fall of 2020. Beall is one of the leading philosophical logicians in the world, and will add to the department’s strengths in that area. He is especially well-known for his work in non-classical logic and for his defense of logical pluralism in the philosophy of logic. He also has research interests in a number of other areas of philosophy, including the philosophy of religion. More information about his work is available on his web page

When asked why he decided to come to Notre Dame: "I admire the talent and achievements of Coach Muffet McGraw; however, that’s not the reason I decided to join the department. (On the other hand, I look forward to supporting NDWBB!) The reason I decided to join ND Philosophy is at least threefold: the people; the research profile; and the timing. The people are great: I had a wonderful (absolutely wonderful) time last year at the CPR and at various ND-Philosophy events, and I look forward to being a part of the community. Second, ND-Philosophy research is great: the department’s research profile is strong — indeed, exciting — in my areas of interest. And third, the timing is great: the department, with commitments from the dean, continues to move towards its 40-member roster, and this is very exciting. I'm excited to work at an institution whose very makeup values philosophy at a foundational level"


Welcome to the Notre Dame philosophical community, Jc!