Officers & Committees


Department Administration

Jeff Speaks

Director of Graduate Studies           
Curtis Franks

Director of Undergraduate Studies
Alexander Jech

Director of the Undergraduate Philosophy Requirement
Meghan Sullivan

Director of the Program in Philosophy, Science, and Mathematics
Tim Bays

Colloquium Organizer
Leopold Stubenberg

Faculty Recruitment Coordinator
Sam Newlands

Department Representative to A&L Computing Committee
Tim Bays

Library Ordering
Sam Newlands

Placement Director
Robert Audi

Placement Advisor
Sara Bernstein

Faculty Senate Representative
David O'Connor


Interdisciplinary Programs

History and Philosophy of Science
Anjan Chakravartty

Philosophy in the Catholic Tradition
John O'Callaghan

Philosophy, Politics, Economics (PPE)
Paul Weithman

Philosophy/Theology Major
Gabriel Reynolds (Dept. of Theology)

Science, Technology, and Values
Leah Ashe (Reilly Center) 

Journals, Institutes, and Centers

Center for Philosophy of Religion  
Director                             Michael Rea
Director of Research      Sam Newlands

Journal of Analytic Theology
Michael Rea

ND Journal of Formal Logic
Mic Detsefsen

Studies in History and Philosophy of Science
Anjan Chakravartty

Maritain Center
John O'Callaghan

Philosophic Institute
Ken Sayre

Reilly Center, Director
Anjan Chakravartty



Climate Committee
Patricia Blanchette, Chair
Jeff Speaks, ex officio
Curtis Franks, ex officio
Janet Kourany
Alexander Jech
Rebecca Chan
Peter Finocchiaro
Callie Phillips

Committee for Appointments and Promotions (CAP)
J. Speaks, ex officio
T. Bays
S. Berstein
P. Blanchette
D. O'Connor
F. Rush
M. Sullivan
P. Weithman

Full Professors Committee (FPC)
J. Speaks, ex officio
R. Audi
P. Blanchette
D. Howard
D. Nolan
M. Rea
T. Warfield
P. Weithman

Graduate Committee
C. Franks (chair)
A. Chakravartty
M. DePaul
J. Kourany
C. Shields
M. Sullivan
J. Christy (student rep.)

Graduate Admissions Committee
C. Franks (chair)
S. Kelsey
L. Stubenberg

Undergraduate Committee
Sean Kelsey  (chair)
Therese Cory
Alexander Jech
David O'Connor
Leopold Stubenberg

Undergraduate Advisory Council
Abby Whalen (Soph)
Colin Rahill (Soph)
Daniel Loesing (Jr)
Natasha Reifenberg (Jr)
Sarah Barcomb (Jr)
Grace Watkins (Sr)
Michael Moss (Sr)

Graduate Class Representatives
Ashton Green (Year 1)
Corey Dethier (Year 2)
Ting Lau (Year 3)
Tobias Flattery (Year 4)
Rebecca Chan (Year 5)
Tobias Flattery (6+ and overall rep)