Peter Finocchiaro

Syracuse University, B.A. 2011

I work mainly in (analytic) metaphysics, with a focus on metametaphysics and methodology. In my dissertation, I explored the role of ideology in theory choice. I developed and defended a meta-ideological position suitable for certain brands of metaphysical realism (e.g. that of Writing the Book of the World). Currently, I am extending and applying my dissertation research to first-order questions in metaphysics -- for example: just how high are the ideological costs incurred by a theory that employs undefined tense operators?

I am also interested in social philosophy, very broadly construed. I have published in the philosophy of death, and am currently working on a paper about the persistence conditions of rock bands. I let my interest in these issues run rampant in my teaching; in many of the courses I teach, I endeavor to show students how our appreciation of the social world is improved by exploring its underlying metaphysical mysteries.

Philosophy aside, I also enjoy housekeeping (very broadly construed), being physically active, and asking seemingly inane questions

Research Interests

Social Philosophy