Jamee Elder

University of Canterbury, BSc, BA(Hons) 2012
University of Cambridge, M.Phil. 2014

I’m a PhD candidate in the History and Philosophy of Science Program (philosophy track) specializing in the philosophy of physics. My current research concerns the epistemology of the measurement of gravitational waves by the LIGO Scientific Collaboration. I previously did an MPhil in philosophy at the University of Cambridge and a BSc and BA(Hons) at the University of Canterbury. In addition to the philosophy of science, I am interested in the ethics of emerging technologies, and have taught courses in “Digital Technology, Society, and Ethics” and “Robot Ethics”.   

I grew up in both Halifax, Canada, and Christchurch, New Zealand — I am both a Canadian and a Kiwi (New Zealander). For this reason, my accent has a tendency to confuse people. When I’m not doing philosophy, I like to be hiking (or as we say in NZ, “tramping”), running, swimming, traveling, and reading novels.


Research Interests

Philosophy of Science
Philosophy of Physics
Ethics of Emerging Technologies