Ted Warfield

Professor of Philosophy

Ted  Warfield

216 Malloy Hall
by appointment


Ph.D. Rutgers University

Research Interest

Philosophy of Mind, Epistemology, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion, Applied Ethics

I am currently working on several projects in epistemology, including ongoing work on skepticism and on disagreement. I continue to work on various issues concerning the metaphysics of free will and the metaphysics of persons. Arising out of my teaching and lecturing, I am increasingly involved in work on issues at the intersection of medicine, law, and death and also on issues at the foundations of normative ethics (demandingness, supererogation, etc.).

I am an active dissertation supervisor and am open to supervising students in a wide variety of areas and on a wide variety of topics. Prospective and admitted Ph.D. students are welcome to meet with me about supervision possibilities.