Fall Forum: José Alberto Ross Hernández (Universidad Panamericana)


Location: 107 O'Shaughnessy Hall (View on map.nd.edu)

Save the date for the next installment of our Fall Forum series!  Prof. Alberto Ross (Universidad Panamericana), a recipient of a 2021-22 Forum grant for international researchers, will be giving a talk on his research in ancient philosophy, followed by a Q&A session. More details on the talk can be found below. We hope you can join us!


The Aristotelian Doctrine of the Unmoved Mover: History and Reception

Abstract: The aim of this project is to conduct a research on the history and reception of the Aristotelian doctrine of the Unmoved Mover.  In order to achieve this purpose, the present research outline comprises two parts: firstly, I propose to offer a status quaestionis of the most recent philosophical and philological advances on the Prime Mover or the Unmoved Mover in Aristotle. Secondly, the project sets out to undertake a detailed  reconstruction of the reception of the Aristotelian doctrine by the long tradition of Greek commentators of the corpus. This sets out to consider authors such as Theophrastus, Proclus, Plotinus, Alexander of Aphrodisias, Xenarchus, Galenus, Themistius, Simplicius, Philoponus, Pseudo Justin, among others. On the basis of this review, the project aims to offer a better understanding of this period of Aristotelian exegesis and philosophy, as well as demonstrate how the reception of the work of Aristotle in the Hellenic world gave rise to new philosophical doctrines and traditions.


Originally published at historyofphilosophy.nd.edu.