2021 Midwest PhilMath Workshop


Location: Virtual

The 2021 Midwest PhilMath Workshop will take place via Zoom on Tuesdays in November, 2021.

The first session will take place on November 2nd. The program is below.



5pm:  Øystein Linnebo, Sam Levey, Stewart Shapiro: “Potential Infinity and Theology”

6pm: Owain Griffin: “The Problem of Isomorphic Structures

Abstract: In McCarty (2015) an argument is made to undermine the ante-rem structuralist 

account of mathematics. At the conclusion of his paper McCarty poses the

question of whether the same argument `might not prove just as powerful

when directed against the set-theoretic structuralists'. Through this paper

I answer the question firstly by developing McCarty's original argument, and

then showing that set-theoretic structuralism does not fall victim to the chal-

lenge. I therefore conclude that the answer to McCarty's question is negative:

set-theoretic structuralism is not effectively undermined.


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