Colloquium: Jc Beall (University of Notre Dame)


Location: DeBartolo Hall, Room 126

Jc Beall, O'Neill Family Professor of Philosophy, will give a talk on Friday, October 29, titled: Falsity as filter: exploring a nonstandard perspective on gluts, at 3:00 pm in 126 DeBartolo Hall.



Abstract: Truth-value gluts (‘true contradictions’) are the dual of truth-value gaps; the former are both true and false while the latter are neither true nor false. On the standard account of gluts, there’s no sense in which the falsity of a glut ‘filters’ or ‘chokes’ or, in some sense, ‘diminishes what follows from’ its truth; rather, the falsity of a glut merely adds to the full truth of the given matter. With all other glut theorists (i.e., those who accept that some gluts are true, that some truths are also false), I have simply held the standard view without raising the question of alternative perspectives. This talk provides an opportunity for just such exploration. In particular, I explore a slightly nonstandard perspective in which, in some sense (to be made precise!), falsity can serve as a sort of filter or choke on what would otherwise ‘follow' (in some sense) from a given claim’s being just true.  The project is twofold: how to make the idea(s) precise? (Note to logicians: this is not supposed to result in a non-monotonic relation whereby adding the negation of a premise changes what follows. But if not that, then what? That’s part of the question.) And what, if any, philosophical applications of the idea might exist? This talk marks the early stages of exploration along such lines.