2021 Midwest PhilMath Workshop

The 2021 Midwest PhilMath Workshop will take place via Zoom on successive weeks during October and November, 2021.



Please send submissions of texts or extended abstracts or slides to the members of the Program Committee, below.

Submissions must be received by September 1.

Talks will be 40 minutes each, with 20 minutes for discussion.

The MWPMW has a policy of not having speakers repeat years, so if  you spoke at MWPMW 2020, please defer this time.

Thanks very much.  We look forward to (virtually) seeing you in the Fall.  


Program Committee:

·      Paddy Blanchette: blanchette.1@nd.edu
·      Jc Beall: jbeall@nd.edu
·      Tim Bays: bays.5@nd.edu
·      Curtis Franks: cfranks@nd.edu