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The Good Class: How an innovative Notre Dame philosophy course gets undergrads excited about contemplating — and constructively debating — life’s big questions

An innovative Notre Dame course, God and the Good Life, is not only transforming the way students are introduced to philosophy — it is changing their perspectives, trajectories, and lives. Nearly 1,200 students have enrolled in the course since philosophy professor Meghan Sullivan launched it two years ago, and for many, it has become a defining experience in their undergraduate education. It's also drawn an array of prominent guest speakers —...

Video: The philosophy major at Notre Dame

What is the philosophy major like at Notre Dame? “I really feel like we're engaging seriously with philosophy. It actually can become very personal, reflecting on human nature and what is an ethical life, and what is justice,” said philosophy major Natasha Reifenberg. Philosophy majors pursue their passions while developing skills such as critical thinking, data analysis, evidence-based arguments, and information synthesis.

In memoriam: Gary Gutting

Author: Paul Weithman   Gary Gutting was best known for his work on French philosophy, for co-founding and co-editing Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews and for his many thoughtful contributions to The Stone.  But he was a philosopher of remarkable range, an accomplished teacher at all levels, and a departmental administrator of force and vision.  …

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