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Franks Water

Image and reality

Associate Professor Curtis Franks caught the attention of Notre Dame magazine this issue. Find out why him, and other philosophy professors, chose their out-of-the-box faculty photos for our website.…

Professor Jech launches Study Abroad Program in Ethiopia

This summer, Professor Alexander Jech is leading a 3-week study abroad program to Ethiopia! He will be teaching the course “Bridging Theory and Practice: Philosophical & Pragmatic Perspectives on Development,” which will introduce students to the ideas of Aristotle, Adam Smith, and Marx, and the attempt to bring these ideas into useful form in Nussbaum and Sen’s “Capability Approach” to measuring human development. Students will also connect with local NGOs...

Video: Tech entrepreneur Dan Peate ’00 on majoring in philosophy and how the liberal arts prepare students for robot-proof jobs

“A lot of people ask me, ‘Philosophy — do you even use that in business?’ And I actually do all the time, especially in the world of Silicon Valley,” said Dan Peate ’00. Peate is the founder of the technology companies DRIAV and Hixme, and is the managing director of Peate Ventures LLC, a venture capital fund. He credits his success in business to the skills he gained in asking foundational...

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