James P. Sterba

James P. Sterba


Professor of Philosophy

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Department of Philosophy
University of Notre Dame
100 Malloy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556

Phone: (574)-631-5231
Email: sterba.1@nd.edu

Office: 225 Malloy/316 Kroc Institute
Office Hours: by appointment


Ph.D. University of Pittsburgh

Areas of Interest

Ethics, Political Philosophy, Environmental Ethics, Philosophy of Peace and Justice



  • The Pursuit of Justice: A Personal Philosophical History (2014)
  • From Rationality to Equality (2013)
  • Morality: The Why and the What of It (2012)
  • Introducing Ethics for Here and Now (2012)
  • Are Liberty and Equality Compatible? (2011)
  • Affirmative Action for the Future (2009)
  • Does Feminism Discriminate Against Men? (2008)
  • The Triumph of Practice Over Theory in Ethics (Oxford 2005)
  • Affirmative Action and Racial Preference (Oxford 2003)
  • Three Challenges to Ethics (Oxford 2001)
  • Justice for Here and Now (Cambridge 1998) -- 1998 Book of the Year Award
  • Contemporary Social and Political Philosophy (Wadsworth 1994)
  • How to Make People Just (Rowman & Littlefield 1988)

Edited Books:

  • Morality in Practice, 8th edition (Cengage 2012)
  • Ethics, 2nd edition (Blackwell, 2009)
  • Terrorism and International Justice (Oxford 2003)
  • Justice: Alternative Political Perspectives, 4th ed. (Wadsworth 2003)
  • Social and Political Philosophy: Classical Western Texts in Feminist and Multicultural Perspectives, 3rd edition, (Oxford 2002)
  • Sexual Harassment: Issues and Answers, (Oxford 2000)
  • i, 2nd edition (Prentice-Hall 1999)
  • Feminist Philosophies, 2nd edition (Prentice-Hall 1998)


Recent Articles:

  • “Libertarianism on the Brink,” Analyses & Kritik (2015)
  • “A Response to Jan Narveson: Why Libertarians Are and Are Not like Turnips,” Analyses & Kritik (2015)
  • “Liberty Requires Equality,” Philosophy Now (2015)
  • "Replies to Stephen Darwall, Richard Miller, David Cummiskey and Joshua Gert," The Journal of Ethics (2014).
  • "Replies to Carl Bagnoli, Duncan MacIntosh, and William Talbott," International Journal of Applied Philosophy (2014).
  • "Replies to Kasper Lippert-Rasmussen and Valeria Ottonelli," Philosophical Inquiries (2013)
  • "Completing the Kantian Project: From Rationality to Equality," Proceedings of the American Philosophical Association (2008)
  • "Free Iraq: End the U.S. Occupation," Free Inquiry (2005)
  • "Justice and Welfare," Reason Papers with a reply by Tibor Machan (2004)
  • "Global Justice for Humans and for All Living Beings and What Difference It Makes," Journal of Ethics (2004)
  • "Defending Women's Rights Internationally," Human Rights in philosophy and Practice (2002)
  • "On the Possibility of Grounding a Defense of Ecofeminist Philosophy,"Ethics and the Environment with a reply by Karen Warren (2002)
  • "Reconciling Public Reason and Religious Values," Social Theory and Practice (1999)
  • "Understanding Evil: American Slavery, the Holocaust and the Conquest of the American Indians" Ethics (1995)


Additional Information:

Sterba has published 25 books, and over 150 articles. He is past president of the American Philosophical Association, Central Division, the North American Society for Social Philosophy, past president of Concerned Philosophers for Peace, and past president of the International Association for Philosophy of Law and Social Philosophy, American Section. He has been visiting professor of philosophy at the University of Rochester and at the University of Lativa in the then Soviet Union on a Fulbright Award. He has also been visiting distinguished professor of philosophy at the University of San Francisco, the University of California at Irvine, and Santa Clara University. For 2013-2014, the John Templeton Foundation has supported him to do research and run two conferences on Contemporary Moral Theory and the Problem of Evil.



James P. Sterba's Curriculum Vitae (PDF)