Hannah Rubin


Starting 2017-18

Contact Information

Mailing Address:
Department of Philosophy
University of Notre Dame
100 Malloy Hall
Notre Dame, IN 46556



Ph.D., University of California, Irvine

Areas of Interest

Philosophy of Biology, Evolutionary Game Theory, Philosophy of Science


Recent Articles:


- “The Debate over Inclusive Fitness as a Debate over Methodologies” Philosophy of Science (forthcoming)

- “The Phenotypic Gambit: Selective Pressures and ESS Methodology in Evolutionary Game Theory” Biology and Philosophy (2016)

- “Genetic Models in Evolutionary Game Theory: the Evolution of Altruism” Erkenntnis (2015)

- “David Lewis in the Lab: Experimental Results on the Emergence of Meaning” (with Justin Bruner, Cailin O’Connor, and Simon Huttegger) Synthese (forthcoming)

Website: http://www.hannahrubin.net/