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New NSF Grant for Training Ethical Leaders in Science and Engineering

Author: Catherine DeFauw

This new project, "Cultivating Cultures for Ethical STEM, is funded by a $410K grant from NSF. It will compare two approaches to training ethical leaders in science and engineering. One approach foregrounds leadership training, the other foregrounds training in ethics. The latter builds upon a current NSF grant, “Citizen-Scientists as Agents of Change: Training the Trainer in the Ethics of Science and Technology," on which the philosophy department's Don Howard and the Reilly Center's Melinda Gormley are PIs. The interdisciplinary team for the new grant draws expertise from Notre Dame's Graduate School, the Reilly Center for Science, Technology, and Values, and the Departments of Psychology and Philosophy. Laura Carlson, Professor of Psychology and Dean of the Graduate School is the lead PI. Don Howard (Professor of Philosophy and former director of the Reilly Center), Melinda Gormley (Assistant Director for Research in the Reilly Center), and John Lubker (Associate Dean of Students in the Graduate School) are Co-PIs. Read More