Current Candidates


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The following candidates are seeking academic employment in their specialty.


Job Placement Candidates 2016-2017

Dimitris Apostolopoulos
19th and 20th Century European Philosophy (esp. Phenomenology and Hermeneutics)

Andrew Brenner

Isaac Choi
Epistemology, Philosophy of Religion

Justin Christy
Philosophy of Mind

Nevin Climenhaga
Epistemology, Philosophy of Science

Dustin Crummett
Moral and Political Philosophy

Peter Finocchiaro

Jeffrey Fisher
Ancient Philosophy

Patrick Gamez
Continental Philosophy (esp. French), political theory, philosophy of social science

Scott B. Hagaman
Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind, Logic

Andrew Helms
Medieval Philosophy, 13th-14th c., especially John Duns Scotus; Medieval metaphysics; Medieval ethics.

Daniel Immerman
Epistemology, Ethics, Philosophy of Mathematics/Logic, Philosophy of Mind

Xavi Lanao
Philosophy of Science, Metaphysics

M. Anthony Mills
Philosophy of Science, History of Philosophy of Science, History of Continental (esp. French)

Thomas Mulherin
Philosophy of Art (esp. Music and Film), 19th and 20th Century European Philosophy (esp. Romanticism and the Frankfurt School), Kant's Aesthetics

David Pattillo

Callie Phillips
Metaphysics, Epistemology, Philosophy of Mind

J. Brian Pitts
Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Physics

Bradley Retter
Metaphysics, Philosophy of Religion

Pablo Ruiz de Olano
Philosophy of Physics, Philosophy of Science

Benjamin Rossi
Ethics (especially metaethics)

Margaret Schmitt
Philosophy of Mind, Action Theory, Ethics

Alexander Skiles
Metaphysics, Philosophy of Science

Jeff Snapper
Metaphysics, Philosophical Logic

Monica Solomon
History and philosophy of science, Early modern philosophy, Logic, Ethics and values in science, Feminist philosophy.

Alexander Stern
19th and 20th Century European Philosophy, esp. the Frankfurt School and Wittgenstein; Aesthetics

Jeffery Tolly

Michael Tze-Sung Longenecker